Window on the future
The new Conturex Artis from WEINIG makes the Group’s highly innovative technology affordable even for smaller companies and offers a future-proof machining concept for window manufacturers in particular.

The WEINIG Group is the world's largest manufacturer of machines and systems for solid wood processing. A number of individual specialist companies offer a range of products under the WEINIG brand, covering the complete process chain from the raw material to the end product. The Group's success stories are epitomized by the CNC machining centers in its Conturex series. The sustained growth achieved by more than 400 satisfied customers over the past ten years is impressive proof of the centers' status as a sustainable, future-proof solution. Now, WEINIG is expanding the series with Conturex Artis - a Conturex designed specifically for skilled tradesmen.

When it comes to machining window profiles, for example, even smaller companies no longer have to compromise on quality or flexibility. As the kid brother of the profiling center series, the new Conturex Artis boasts all the advantages of the tried-and-tested Conturex series while delivering unbeatable value for money. WEINIG also aims to smooth the move into CNC machining through its role as a supervisory project partner. The Conturex Compact system offers customers a complete coordinated and balanced package consisting of the machine, window construction software, tools and service.

Michael Weinig AG (97941 Tauberbischofsheim, Germany), Hall 27, Stand D50
Contact: Julian Ott
Tel.: +49 9341 86-2176
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Get Connected...
...with a whole new world of possibilities at LIGNA 2019, thanks to VENJAKOB. The surfaces specialist is showing a brand new side to itself under the slogan "Get Connected".

VENJAKOB stands for surface technology based on system solutions - from pretreatment followed by the painting process, conveyor and handling equipment through to drying and exhaust air filtering. The company's unceasing pursuit of innovation has culminated in a broad range of standard and special machines for fully automated surface treatment. Thanks to the modular nature of these systems, users can retrofit additional elements, ensuring they are always perfectly placed to adapt to changing production requirements. Visitors who think the company is a conventional mechanical engineering firm like any other are in for a surprise. VENJAKOB is using LIGNA 2019 in Hannover to show a whole new side to itself with a concept that is centered on the motto "Get Connected".

VENJAKOB's trade fair motto has three alternate endings - "…with the state of the art", "…with the future" and "…with the team". The first focuses on the latest technical capabilities, with exhibits including the VEN SPRAY PERFECT painting plant, which uses RFID tags integrated into the workpieces to configure machine parameters. The VENJAKOB dashboard, enhanced with the open "Tapio" ecosystem, offers an insight into how customers can call up machine data that has been effectively prepared so they can monitor the production process, plan predictive maintenance work or draw up analyses at management level, for example. The company is also demonstrating how easily and quickly customers can get technical support that goes beyond conventional remote service features. Using the VENJAKOB Service app and a mobile application, machine operators can get highly relevant, on-site support from VENJAKOB specialists. When it comes to connecting with "the future", the company is offering a taster of the digital add-ons it is set to roll out in the near future. Finally, "Get connected with the team" is an invitation to get better acquainted with what really matters to the company and its workforce - experience and reliability.

VENJAKOB Maschinenbau GmbH & Co.KG (33378 Rheda-Wiedenbrück, Germany), Hall 16, Stand C22
Contact: Nicole Mihlan
Tel.: +49 5242 9603-264
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The forward-thinking forestry solution
KOPA is back at LIGNA 2019 to showcase a whole host of heavy machinery for the forestry industry on the open-air site, including the recently revamped F20D forwarder from ROTTNE.

KOPA Forstmaschinen- Handels- und Reparatur GmbH dates back to 1964, when Johannes Koop took over his father's forge to the east of Hamburg. Back then, it was still trading under the name of its founder. The company kept on developing, until assuming its current status in 1977, when it started distributing the products of ROTTNE Forstmaschinen from Sweden. Besides covering Germany, its distribution area also includes Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Belgium. The partnership, which is now over 40 years old, is as fresh as the day it was created, as can be seen at KOPA’s stand at LIGNA 2019 in Hannover, which will once again be playing host to a full range of heavy machinery. Whether it’s harvesters or forwarders from ROTTNE or short- or long-timber vehicles from Koop, KOPA has something for everyone.

The ROTTNE F20D is taking center stage as a robust forwarder with a total loading capacity of 20 metric tons and a loading area of 8.4 square meters, making it ideal for transportation across long distances. Its automatic gearbox boasts a variable hydrostatic transmission that offers a tractive force of 27 metric tons (270 kN). The forwarder is designed to handle all types of terrain even more effectively than before and maintain high speed even with peak loads. Thanks to this upgrade and the unique, energy-efficient RK160 crane solution, whose valve block is mounted directly on the crane, in close proximity to the cylinders, the KOPA team foresees a highly successful future for the ROTTNE F20D.

KOPA Forstmaschinen- Handels- und Reparatur GmbH (22958 Kuddewörde, Germany), open-air site, west of Pavilion 33, Stand N66
Contact: Martina Henke
Tel.: +49 4154 3069
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Rolling three countries into one project
Turkish log sawmill specialist Üstünkarli Makine A.S. is attending LIGNA 2019 to showcase machines designed to process high-quality French and German hardwood for the premium market.

Founded in 1954 in Izmir, Üstünkarli Makine A.S. started off as a small workshop for producing sawmill machinery. Today, its production site near Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport spans some 20,000 square meters and its widely trusted machines are shipped worldwide. So it’s no wonder Üstünkarli is exhibiting at LIGNA, with its strong reputation for drawing in visitors from right across the globe.

The company is keen to point out that it uses state-of-the-art software and hardware to ensure its solutions for the primary wood processing industry are always produced both reliably and economically - with a strong customer focus and in compliance with international standards. Üstünkarli is showcasing a string of innovations at LIGNA 2019, including new machinery that's specially designed for processing high-quality hardwood sourced from France and Germany. As part of its ambitious plans to create products for the high-end market, the company has installed machinery near the Franco-German border. Visitors to LIGNA have the chance to explore these machines up-close and derive inspiration for their own projects. The developers from Üstünkarli are on hand to explain the technology behind the components, which include an inclined hydraulic log carriage with an optimization-software-operated 2D scanner, a chipping canter with speed control, an inclined hydraulic band saw, also with speed control functionality, and an automatic edger line with chipping canters.

ÜSTÜNKARLI MAKINE A.S. (35470 Izmir, Turkey), Hall 25, Stand M25
Contact: Bakytkul Yermekbayeva Tosun
Tel.: +90 232782 13 90-151
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The wood panel multi-talent
Swiss company STRIEBIG AG, which specializes in vertical panel saws, is premiering its new Premium Class CONTROL center. Its extensive range of equipment is designed to enable fully automatic, ultra-precision cutting.

If you thought the Swiss were only good for banking, clocks or chocolate, then think again. They also have a long tradition in areas such as mechanical engineering. Lucerne-based STRIEBIG AG, for example, not only invented the vertical panel saw, it also continues to develop and manufacture these solutions and their accessories, making it a leading light in the efficient and high-quality machining of large panels made of wood, plastic, non-ferrous metals, composite panels, plasterboard, cardboard, etc. The STRIEBIG machine range now meets virtually all customer needs, from manual to fully automatic operation, thanks in no small measure to the company’s latest innovation, the CONTROL panel saw, which is being unveiled at LIGNA 2019.

According to STRIEBIG, CONTROL is set to redefine the Premium Class for vertical sawing technology. Enhanced cutting optimization software - available as a BaseCut or ExpertCut version - and the addition of a 12-inch touchscreen computer make the complete cutting process fully automatic and ultra-precise. And that's not all. CONTROL is already fully equipped as standard, including a digital measuring system (DMS) for both axes and automatic saw beam locking with cutting point recognition. The saw can also be customized with a comprehensive range of options, such as a combination of 4SB system and ABO for automatic 4-sided trimming cuts. This feature is exclusive to STRIEBIG CONTROL.

STRIEBIG AG (6014 Lucerne, Switzerland), Hall 12, Stand B40
Contact: Josef Furrer
Tel.: +41 41 2595 353
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