New tool to combat thermal bridges
Tool specialist Mafell has put together a whole package of innovations for LIGNA 2017 in Hannover. Among other things, it is unveiling a completely new insulation saw system.

Tool specialist Mafell, based in Oberndorf, Germany, is committed to ensuring its customers no longer need to think about the tools they use, simply because Mafell has already gone to great lengths to do this for them. For everything that follows, users should be able to follow their instinct. The latest results of the company’s approach can now be seen at LIGNA 2017 in Hannover. As well as showcasing various new cross-cutting, circular and plunge-cut saws, along with battery-operated tools that for the first time use the new 88-watt LiHD technology, Mafell is also presenting a first for LIGNA in the shape of a completely new insulation saw system.

Precision in cutting and sawing should be the watchword for craftsmanship, regardless of material and location. Yet, when it came to insulation materials, there was room for improvement in terms of the tools available. Absolute precision is key here, particularly for insulation materials that - when not processed precisely - lead almost inevitably to thermal bridges, with serious consequences that may result in costly building damage. To prevent this, Mafell has developed the new DSS 300 insulation saw system. Instead of a saw blade, this system uses a wire with 23 cutting links. The insulation saw can be used with a rail and freehand. Both methods enable high-precision cuts in pressure-proof wood-fiber insulation boards up to 300 millimeters thick.
Mafell AG (78727 Oberndorf, Germany), Hall 13, Stand B34
Contact: Volker Simon
Tel. +49 7151 994567-11

Taking training to the road
Visitors to LIGNA can try their hand on an exciting saw simulator at the stand of DeSH (Federal Association of the German Sawmill and Wood Industry), installed in the Timber-Trainer, the first mobile training center in the association's "it wood be good" campaign.

DeSH aims to represent its members nationally and internationally in industrial and technical matters and provide them with support in achieving their commercial targets. Among other things, DeSH represents and communicates industry interests in the political context, ranging from classic lobbying to participation in campaigns and controversial debates. As well as these political aspects, the association’s presentation at LIGNA 2017 in Hannover also focuses on training and the next generation of specialists. To give the clearest and most practical demonstration of its work in this area, DeSH is now using the Timber-Trainer, a mobile training center equipped with a Mimbus saw simulator where visitors can test their aptitude for woodworking.

Immediately after LIGNA, the Timber-Trainer - along with a further simulator from Microtec – will then be going on tour as part of the "it wood be good" training campaign, which began its successful run a number of years ago. As the first mobile training center for the German sawmill and wood industry, it will be supporting teaching at vocational schools and providing extra training for employees at companies. The Timber-Trainer will also be representing the industry at training fairs and training days to help get the next generation interested in woodworking careers. Date for the Press: Opening of Timber-Trainer on Monday, 22 May, at 11 a.m..
DeSH (Federal Association of the German Sawmill and Wood Industry) (10117 Berlin, Germany), open-air site, Logistics avenue, Stand L58
Contact: Melanie Wollenweber
Tel.: +49 30 223 204-90
Mobile: +49 175 332 62 46

Technology that allows us to breathe easy
Nolting Holzfeuerungstechnik GmbH has been manufacturing high-quality and eco-friendly biomass firing systems in the 70- to 3,000-watt power range for over 75 years. The company is now at LIGNA in Hannover to premiere an innovative fine particle filter.

The vexed topic of fine particles is once again on everyone's lips - almost literally, in fact. These highly dangerous emissions pollute the air we breathe, particularly in areas with high volumes of traffic, to such an extent that even new cars risk being banned in the near future. Yet it isn’t just cars that are causing these high pollution levels. Solid fuel firing systems, as useful as they are, are also liable to emit microparticles that can find their way into the lungs. Strict emission limits thus also need to be adhered to in this area. It is in this context that the newly developed HZF fine particle filter from Nolting Holzfeuerungstechnik GmbH, based in Detmold, Germany, is now celebrating its world premiere at LIGNA 2017 in Hannover.

This innovative in-house development is a combination of cyclone separator and downstream fine particle filter. The outside of the HZF consists of a compact insulated steel enclosure with a height-adjustable substructure. In the first stage, the exhaust gas is fed through a cyclone where larger particles are prefiltered. The actual fine particle separation then takes place in a downstream electrical filter using an electrostatic charge. What’s more, the HZF doesn't just purify exhaust gas but also regularly cleans itself. Particulate matter is removed from the electrodes and separator surfaces by a shaking mechanism and is collected in a receiving tank, from where it can be disposed of via an integrated bypass. The new HZF can be used for automatically fueled solid fuel firing systems up to approximately 500 kilowatts.
Nolting Holzfeuerungstechnik GmbH (32760 Detmold, Germany), Hall 26, Stand H45
Contact: Sabine Kröber
Tel.: +49 5231 9555 44

Trailblazing aid for saw operators
Wilhelm Altendorf GmbH & Co. KG is at LIGNA 2017 to present the world premiere of Altendorf MAGIS, a pioneering new operator guidance system for sawing.

It's exactly 111 years since furniture maker Wilhelm Altendorf designed a saw where the material is fed to the saw blade while supported on a sliding table. Unfortunately we cannot say whether Altendorf had any idea his invention would go on to become a true legend and that the Altendorf company, based in Minden, Germany, would become a global market leader in sliding table saws. However, the company has clearly shown a real spirit of innovation time and again over the years. And now, as LIGNA 2017 opens its gates in Hannover, Altendorf once again offers a world premiere - Altendorf MAGIS.

The MAGIS system developed in-house provides operators of Altendorf sliding table saws with visual guidance through a pre-prepared cutting plan. "The Altendorf MAGIS system is the first digital mobile operator guidance system for sliding table saws," explains Altendorf Managing Director Joerg F. Mayer. "It shows the operator the cutting sequence to follow for fully cut-optimized panel processing. Being mobile, it can be used with any Altendorf sliding table saw and simplifies the operator's work enormously. Altendorf MAGIS also helps enhance safety in the workplace and reduces the time needed to complete a defined job on the machine. The Altendorf MAGIS system consists essentially of software, tablet and tablet mount for the sliding table saw."
Wilhelm Altendorf GmbH & Co. KG (32429 Minden, Germany), Hall 12, Stand D16
Contact: Serpil Gausmann
Tel.: +49 571 9550-0

Everything under control
ATEMAG Aggregatetechnologie und Manufaktur AG is driving forward digitalization in its sector of industry with its control 4.0 system, which is being unveiled at LIGNA 2017.

Outsiders may view wood as a rustic material with a nostalgic charm that seems incompatible with the blessings of industrial digitalization. Yet the various innovations in the wood processing industry that are being premiered at LIGNA 2017 in Hannover show that this is not the case at all. ATEMAG Aggregatetechnologie und Manufaktur AG is based in Hofstetten in Germany's Black Forest region and has up to now been known primarily as a developer and producer of aggregates for machining wood materials on CNC machining centers. Its new ATEMAG control 4.0 system brings the benefits of predictive maintenance to wood processing.

ATEMAG control 4.0 gives users mobile access to all key information about individual aggregates for optimizing production and thus enables them to maintain a continuous overview of their status. As well as standard information such as the name of the aggregate, its serial number, production date and firmware version, the system also provides up-to-date parameters such as speed, temperature and current running time of the aggregates in use. ATEMAG control 4.0 thus enables users to harness unused power reserves and thereby help optimize productivity. ATEMAG control 4.0 also records the accumulated running time, the number of uses, the maximum temperature reached and all speeds and stores this data for downstream evaluation when planning maintenance cycles, for example.
ATEMAG Aggregatetechnologie und Manufaktur AG (77716 Hofstetten, Germany), Hall 12, Stand B84
Contact: Matthias Kropf
Tel.: +49 7832 9997-55

Machines that ensure you make the cut
Family-run JOSTING Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG is presenting a number of exhibits at LIGNA 2017, including the latest version of the ZFS Double Knife Veneer Guillotine.

Veneers are thin top layers, generally of fine wood, that are applied to solid wood or another carrier material of usually cheaper quality. They are what gives countless furniture, doors, floors, musical instruments and the dashboards of premium cars their esthetic beauty. Veneers are generally considered to be the finest products that can be made from wood - which makes it desirable to be able to cut them with minimal waste. JOSTING Maschinenfabrik, based in Enger, Germany, is regarded as a pioneer in veneer cutting and is committed to optimizing its product portfolio. As well as a whole range of other innovative cutting solutions, the company is now at LIGNA 2017 in Hannover to unveil the latest version of the ZFS Double Knife Veneer Guillotine.

As with previous versions, the ZFS Double Knife Veneer Guillotine cuts pressed veneer packs exactly parallel and straight on two sides with a top and bottom knife, thus enabling easy tight-jointed splicing of all types of veneers. What’s new, however, is the PC for controlling the machine. It has a 15-inch touchscreen, Intel Core CPU with 2.2 gigahertz, 4 GB RAM and Windows 7 operating system. A new servomotor also makes the mobile machine table with the bottom knife much faster than the previous model, ensuring the required width dimension is obtained even more quickly.
JOSTING Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG. (32130 Enger, Germany), Hall 15 Stand D16, co-exhibitor with Heinrich Kuper
Contact: Frank Josting
Tel.: +49 5224 9904-0

Hard metal from Luxembourg
The CERATIZIT Group from Luxembourg has announced a number of product innovations for the wood processing industry at LIGNA 2017 in Hannover that will enable tool manufacturers to enhance performance, save money and optimize production processes.

CERATIZIT S.A. has been a pioneer in exceptional hard material cutting and wear protection solutions for almost one hundred years. The Group, which is still privately run and is based in Mamer in Luxembourg, develops and produces highly specialized tungsten carbide cutting tools, inserts, rods made of hard materials, and wear parts. It is already the world market leader in individual application areas for wear parts and is successfully developing further new carbide, cermet and ceramic grades for the wood, metal and stone working industries.

It is against this backdrop that Toolmaker Solutions by CERATIZIT is at LIGNA 2017 in Hannover to present several product innovations for the wood processing industry. These new developments aim to open up additional options for tool manufacturers to enhance their performance, save money and optimize their production processes. They include a new hard metal grade, a new surface coating and innovative product geometries. However, CERATIZIT is keeping things interesting, with more detailed information about these innovations being reserved for visitors to LIGNA at the trade fair in Hannover itself.
CERATIZIT S.A. (8232 Mamer, Luxembourg), Hall 27, Stand C38
Contact: Parwez Farsan
Tel: +352 31 20 85-692

A revolution in color
IPAC from Austria is at LIGNA 2017 to unveil a new digital printing software solution to expand its Advanced Colour Measurement System (ACMS) for the design industry.

IPAC Improve Process Analytics and Control GmbH, based in Villach, Austria, describes the ACMS process tool for spatially resolved color measurement (true color hyperspectral scanner) as the only instrument on the market that can analyze and optimize the printing process and evaluate the quality of decorative surfaces. The software has been launched for digital printing this year, and visitors to LIGNA 2017 can experience its features for themselves.

The measurement information of the ACMS, which is designed to provide support in defining, evaluating and reproducing the color impression of decorative surfaces, is obtained by using an industrial hyperspectral scanner for spatially resolved color measurement. IPAC developed the ACMS to imitate the visual color impression perceived by a well-trained, healthy human eye and to subject this to a comprehensive, objective evaluation. It measures on an area of 8 x 22 cm (spectral resolution 5 nm in the CIE-specific spectral range of 380-780 nm). The ACMS is already in use at leading companies in the print and wood materials industries, where it replaces visual quality evaluation with objective measurement data and cuts process costs, because physical dispatch of samples is no longer required, for example. The ACMS can also shorten employee training times and benefit the environment. What’s more, IPAC reports that its system can also enhance communication along the entire value-added chain (using defined parameters).
IPAC Improve Process Analytics and Control GmbH (9524 Villach, Austria), Hall 26, Stand C42, co-exhibitor with GreCon Greten
Contact: Harald Jordan
Tel.: +43 4242 22810

Long-lasting connections
KNAPP, the Austrian specialist in state-of-the-art connection systems, is at LIGNA 2017 in Hannover to premiere its universal and eco-friendly Ultra Speed mounting adhesive.

The wood processing industry is probably unique in that one set of players uses saws, planes and milling machines to turn everything into small pieces, while another employs screws, nails, dowels and ingenious connectors to put everything back together again and create new, lasting cohesion. KNAPP GmbH based in Euratsfeld, Austria, clearly belongs to the second group. In the almost thirty years since it was established, this specialist in state-of-the-art connection systems has built on the very first KNAPP connector for furniture and interior design to systematically expand its product portfolio into the fields of timber construction, facade construction, housebuilding, window design and engineered timber construction. As well as various metallic connectors, the highlights exhibited by KNAPP at LIGNA 2017 in Hannover also include an adhesive – KNAPP Ultra Speed.

This new adhesive expands the tried-and-tested KNAPP range, consisting of the PU+ and PM+ adhesives. The white, gap filling, waterproof, non-foaming, one-component mounting adhesive boasts a particularly fast reaction time and is free of solvents and formaldehyde. Despite the absence of hardening additives, the KNAPP Ultra Speed adhesive meets the requirements of stress group D4 for wood glues as defined in DIN EN 204. This easy to process adhesive is suitable for any application, making it ideal not just for various wood materials but also stone, metal, glass, concrete and the backs of mirrors. All visitors to the KNAPP stand will be given a free sample cartridge of the adhesive to see these features for themselves.
KNAPP GmbH Niederlassung Deutschland (85591 Vaterstetten, Germany), Hall 13, Stand B39
Contact: Elisabeth Kerschdorfer-Knapp
Tel.: +49 8106 995599-0

So that's what woodworkers look like!
Top photographer Marco Leibetseder is inviting carpenters, cabinetmakers and window fitters to be photographed for their very own cover for the BM trade magazine at the BM stand at LIGNA 2017.

German trade magazine "BM Innenausbau / Möbel / Bauelemente" is a must-read for decision-makers in furniture and interior design and the production, installation and sale of structural elements. As the most subscribed to title on the market, BM pushes the boundaries, offers valuable practical tips and sets the agenda. It focuses on current market trends, promising business ideas, pioneering products, cutting-edge production methods, user reports and practical examples. At LIGNA 2017, BM is once again inviting everyone in the woodworking world - from trainee to CEO - to become a BM cover star under the banner "Woodworkers like us!".

Top photographer Marco Leibetseder will once again be giving carpenters, cabinetmakers and window fitters the perfect showcase. The budding cover models can pose with ultra-cool equipment at the BM stand in Hall 12/D26 and then see themselves on their very own BM cover. They can take home their cover right away and also download it from the BM online gallery on the BM website. As BM has also recently joined Facebook (, the cover pages can easily be shared with friends and colleagues. The magazine will then be publishing the best cover stars from the July edition onwards.

So the BM stand is certainly worth a visit, not just because of the photo shoot but also because the members of the BM editorial team – all trained carpenters and cabinetmakers - are looking forward to chatting with fellow professionals in Hannover. What's more, the grand trade fair competition offers prizes worth over 7,000 euros in total. The top prize is the new Festool sliding compound miter saw as a KS 60 E UG set, comprising a Kapex KS 60 (maximum cutting capacity: 305 x 60 mm, display of the scribe mark using an LED spotlight) and a mobile base frame, worth around 1,000 euros.
Konradin-Verlag Robert Kohlhammer GmbH (70771 Leinfelden-Echterdingen, Germany), Hall 12, Stand D26
Contact: Christian Närdemann
Tel.: +49 711 7594-264

Automated robot coating
Range + Heine GmbH, producer of systems for coating wood elements, is at LIGNA 2017 with a wide-ranging showcase, including a fully automatic coating robot for up-and-coming SMEs.

Making business decisions is one of those difficult things that fall somewhere between logic and gut feeling - and the fate of large numbers of people often depends on it. For example, when can we have confidence in current growth and boldly invest in the future? Range + Heine GmbH, based in Winnenden, Germany, is itself an up-and-coming and innovative SME that primarily manufactures systems for coating wood elements. It has identified, for example, that window businesses producing forty and more units a day are becoming increasingly interested in automated window coating using robots. For these and many other customers, the company now has a revolutionary, fully automated and integrated coating system from CMA Robotics in its portfolio, which it is presenting at LIGNA 2017 in Hannover.

The interplay between anthropomorphic robot and electronic shape recognition enables the system to coat any type of door or window using a company's own coating specifications. A high-resolution reader positioned near the spray booth scans the object to be coated on its way to the booth and uses this to produce a digital map. The linked computer uses this to prepare a specific coating program for the object and forwards it to the robot, which then coats the object in a customized process, just like a skilled worker. The robot's six axes make it extremely flexible and enable it to perform even highly complex coating processes.
Range + Heine GmbH (71364 Winnenden, Germany), Hall 17, Stand B66
Contact: Claudia Max-Heine
Tel.: +49 7195 977254-0

Who doesn't want a good press?
SPÄNEX GmbH is at LIGNA 2017 in Hannover to showcase its comprehensive range of briquetting presses, which it is expanding with the new SHB-RS series.

Briquetting presses are machines that compress various small pieces of material into a handy format - the briquette. Originally used mainly to produce coal briquettes from lignite or coal dust, increasingly other materials are also being used nowadays, particularly wood, which is enjoying renewed popularity as a biofuel. SPÄNEX GmbH, based in Uslar in Germany's Lower Saxony region, is a traditional supplier of a comprehensive range of briquetting presses. It has now expanded this with the new SHB-RS series, which it is unveiling at LIGNA 2017.

The new SHB-RS series combines SPÄNEX’s familiar and proven press technology with a newly developed feeding system using a metering screw. The material properties are taken into account when metering is performed, so no matter whether it’s lightweight wood chips or pure dust, the metering screw always ensures consistently high throughput. The hydraulic circuit features a high-performance pump, while the oil cooler, which is also integrated, doesn’t require its own pump, thanks to the energy-saving connection to the oil return. The cooling fan’s connection to the main motor also eliminates the need for a separate drive.
SPÄNEX GmbH (37170 Uslar, Germany), Hall 27, Stand F40
Contact: Jens Domke
Stand-Tel.: +49 511 89-597013

Raise the roof!
Visitors to LIGNA 2017 in Hannover are invited to check out the brand new ST telescopic drywall support from BESSEY Tool GmbH & Co. KG.

"Anyone who stops getting better has already stopped being good" - originally the motto of founder Max Bessey, this remains the guiding principle behind the innovations that BESSEY delivers today. Founded in Stuttgart as a bright steel drawing plant in 1891 and now based in Bietigheim-Bissingen, the company has a long tradition of developing practical product solutions such as the new ST telescopic drywall support, and is constantly setting new standards in clamping and cutting technology. With more than 1,600 products currently available, BESSEY has a specific solution for virtually every application. Many are on show at LIGNA in Hannover this year, giving visitors an opportunity to see for themselves how BESSEY upholds its commitment to precision, long service life, convenience and safety.

A prime example of this commitment is the new ST telescopic drywall support. Described by BESSEY as a "real support" and an "extra hand" for safe one-man assembly, the ST is indispensable in drywall construction, and is also easy to transport and adjust for optimized flexibility. Its stable design, delivering a maximum load limit of 60 kilograms per support, allows a wide range of construction materials to be securely fixed to the roof, while foils can also be affixed to form a dust protection wall. What's more, the swiveling PVC contact surfaces ensure a secure hold even on sloping roofs.
BESSEY Tool GmbH & Co. KG (74321 Bietigheim-Bissingen, Germany), Hall 13, Stand B42
Contact: Nadine Schaffrath
Tel.: +49 7142 401-279

Window fitters can finally see the light...
Otto Martin Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG (MARTIN) from Ottobeuren is at LIGNA 2017 with its entire portfolio of innovative woodworking machinery. Center stage is the Q-FIN, a machine that marks a quantum leap in window construction.

A tradition-steeped company based in Germany’s Allgäu region, Otto Martin Maschinenbau (MARTIN) has been committed to producing professional woodworking machinery since 1922. Its current product portfolio ranges from high-quality large spindle molders and surface and thicknessing planers to robust sliding-table saws. Renowned for their exceptional attention to detail and user-friendly designs, MARTIN machines deliver practice-oriented functionality and long service life. The company is at LIGNA 2017 in Hannover with a number of highlights on show - including the MARTIN Q-FIN.

Sanding between coats is one of the least popular and most expensive steps in window construction. What's more, the frames also have to be transported, laid and turned - these are time-consuming and cost-intensive processes that have the potential to cause damage. This is precisely where the aptly named “Quality Finishing” system from MARTIN comes in. Using the Q-FIN to prepare surfaces removes the need for sanding between coats as well as the associated handling processes. Thanks to an innovative cross-cutting system, the wood fibers that run lengthwise are finely cut at right angles, ensuring a level of precision that cannot be achieved using conventional techniques. This makes the Q-FIN the perfect machine for any company aiming to reduce costs and improve surface quality at the same time.
Otto Martin Maschinenbau GmbH & Co KG (87724 Ottobeuren, Germany), Hall 12, Stand E30
Contact: Karl Zollitsch
Tel.: +49 8332 911-0

A hundred years old - but the heat is still on!
Founded as a family-run business in 1917, Viessmann has become one of the world's leading international manufacturers of heating, industrial and refrigeration systems. The company is at LIGNA 2017 to celebrate its one-hundredth anniversary and showcase its visions for the new century.

Celebrating its one-hundredth anniversary in 2017, the Viessmann Group is looking to the future more than ever before. "100+ Into a new century" is the new motto launched to drive forward the Allendorf-based company’s activities for the next hundred years. As an environmental pioneer and technological trend-setter, Viessmann can look back on decades of commitment in producing highly energy-efficient, eco-friendly heating systems, including solar systems, wood burners and heat pumps. What’s more, the new "Technikum", a 50 million euro research and development center, is set to make a major contribution to the company's success story in its anniversary year.

Conceived by Viessmann as an innovation hotbed, the Technikum provides some 11,000 square meters specifically dedicated to cutting-edge technical analysis and testing processes, with a particular focus on interdisciplinary cooperation. As well as continuing to develop heating systems, the company has also prioritized the integration of digital services. These are designed to help customers digitalize entire organization processes, from providing initial information to potential customers right through to handling quotations, installation and ongoing operations. Of course, it is primarily the Viessmann Group’s highly motivated workforce that is key to the company’s focus on innovation, so the many technical developments planned for the anniversary year will also be complemented by a range of training and dialog opportunities for staff to help get the next hundred years off to a good start. The highlight of the year is bound to be the centenary celebration for all staff, which will be celebrated at the end of August at the Allendorf headquarters as well as in Berlin and Hof.
Viessmann Industriesysteme GmbH (35108 Allendorf, Germany), Hall 26, Stand G27
Contact: Jörg Schmidt
Tel.: +49 6452 702533

Visualizing the dream home - and then making it a reality!
Right on cue for LIGNA, software house Palette CAD is not only integrating an optional Bluetooth interface for laser measuring devices from Leica and Stabila into its Palette@Home app - it is also presenting the ultra-fast, new and improved Version 8 of Palette CAD.

Building information modeling (BIM) is a software-based method for optimizing the planning, execution and management of buildings. It involves capturing, combining and digitally modeling all relevant data so that a virtual computer model of the building is then available for the required tasks. Software company Palette CAD, which specializes in high-end interior design, was founded by Dr. Walter Zinser in Stuttgart in 1995. Among other things, its innovative Palette CAD tool can import plans in IFC format to enable planning of further steps using detailed building models.

Visitors to LIGNA 2017 in Hannover now have the opportunity to take a closer look at the latest Palette CAD release. This new Version 8 has simplified the planning process even further thanks to a well-designed, intuitive user guidance system. It is said to be an impressive 30 percent faster than its already highly successful predecessor. Tried-and-tested functions such as importing entire rooms from laser measuring systems including Flexijet, and the cupboard configurator for quick and easy production of cabinet furniture have been incorporated into the new version. Additional options for data import (Google 3D, 3DS and DWG) and export (via NC link to wood processing centers) have also been created.
Palette CAD GmbH (70329 Stuttgart, Germany), Hall 12, Stand B08
Contact: Mario Pedron
Tel.: +49 711 9595-0

High-performance shredders with a bite
UNTHA shredding technology GmbH is at LIGNA 2017 to present the QR class - a new generation of versatile single-shaft shredders that ensure high throughput in shredding waste wood and pallets.

For more than four decades, UNTHA has been developing and producing customized and reliable shredding systems whose applications range from recovering recyclable materials to processing waste into refuse-derived fuels. The company, based in Kuchl, Austria, is now one of the leading manufacturers in this growing and innovative industry. It is showcasing its new QR class in Hannover as a solution that eliminates unplanned downtime and does what it's designed to do - delivering reliable shredding.

The two high-performance QR1700 and QR2100 shredders have been specially developed for pallet manufacturers and the wood working and processing industry with a throughput of up to 30 loose cubic meters per hour, representing a new class of single-shaft shredders. The QR models cover a drive power range from 55 to 180 kW and cutting unit widths of 1700 and 2100 mm. "Intensive collaboration with our customers throughout the entire innovation process was a key factor in the success of this project," says Stefan Pischon, Head of R&D at UNTHA. "All the technical features are based entirely on the wishes and needs of experienced users and thus offer real added value." These features include not just the robust, universal cutting unit and indestructible body but also the maintenance-free pusher technology and, first and foremost, the resilient drive system that comes with a safety coupling. Unlike conventional units, the QR class does not require a shaft stub, as the gear is integrated into the rotor. This reduces the risk of costly repairs significantly. Special mention should also be made of the multi-functional flap that allows quick and easy access to the cutting chamber, efficient emptying of the hopper and fast removal of foreign objects.
UNTHA shredding technology GmbH (5431 Kuchl, Austria), Hall 13, Stand D34
Contact: Martina Schörghofer
Tel.: +43 6244 7016 30

A new chapter in panel saws
Otto Mayer Maschinenfabrik GmbH has been specializing in automated material feeding for panel saws for over a quarter of a century. Mayer is now at LIGNA to present its latest developments, including a sawing center featuring the new PS 100 as the key element.

When non-specialists think of panel saws, they may well think of the large vertical saws at home improvement stores. But these have precious little to do with the horizontal panel saws for cutting plastics, aluminum and wood that Otto Mayer Maschinenfabrik GmbH, based in Lossburg in Germany’s Black Forest region, has been manufacturing for over 40 years. Mayer uses a modular component system to produce both manual feed machines and fully automated systems. The modular system enables Mayer to also offer cost-efficient customer-specific solutions. Or in Mayer’s own words: "The customer tells us what he wants and we come up with the solution, complete with customized work areas, cutting lengths, feeding depths and production processes." The company is now at LIGNA 2017 in Hannover to showcase its new top model, the PS 100 panel saw, along with other exhibits.

As the successor to the PS9Z, the PS 100 raises the bar in professional mid-range horizontal panel saws. It comes with cutting lengths from 3,200 to 5,800 mm as standard. With a saw blade projection of 105 millimeters, it can handle virtually all requirements. It also features an optimized extraction system in the pressure beam with a two-channel system and automatic control. Additional options make the PS 100 a versatile and powerful solution that combines traditional high-quality machine construction with state-of-the-art control technology.
Otto Mayer Maschinenfabrik GmbH (72290 Lossburg, Germany), Hall 13, Stand E40
Contact: Gerd Bünker
Tel.: +49 7446 95 60 35 6

Truck stop
Festool, which manufactures high-quality power tools, has two showcases at LIGNA 2017: A newly designed indoor stand in Hall 13 and an impressive woodworking truck, where professionals can find everything a carpenter could want.

At the end of May, LIGNA in Hannover, the world’s leading trade fair for the wood industry, is once again training the spotlight on tools and machinery for custom and mass production in forestry and woodworking. Front and center at the fair - with two showcases - is Festool GmbH. The company is presenting its latest innovations both at a newly designed trade fair stand in Hall 13 and at an impressive woodworking truck located on the open-air site, at Stand S89.

Positioned opposite Hall 12, the woodworking truck is a platform for showing off everything this premium supplier has to offer carpenters who appreciate real quality. For example, there is the 18 Volt system specially designed for woodworking, routers, various saws such as the HKC 55, HK saws, large carpentry saws such as the HK 132, the UNIVERS saws for insulation materials and the Festool chain mortiser. By introducing a flexible new trimming rail system, Festool can offer a new high-performance generation of cross-cutting circular saws. Whether the corded HK 55 and HK 85 or cordless HKC 55, the additional trimming rail and guide rail systems ensure that all the different versions provide outstanding versatility for woodworking applications. With powerful motors for maximum cutting performance and fast progress, these tools are equally well equipped for universal use in the workshop, on construction sites and in assembly plants.
Festool GmbH (73240 Wendlingen, Germany), open-air site, west of Hall 14/15, Stand S89
Contact: Silvia Pirro
Tel.: +49 7024 804-20679

Another successful innovation!
Sicko, which manufactures stacking and handling plants for the woodworking industry, is at LIGNA 2017 with a live demonstration of the new X Gripper - the latest stage in the evolution of spacer insertion.

For four decades, Sicko GmbH & Co.KG, which is based in Zaisenhausen, Germany, has been treating the woodworking industry to innovative solutions and enhancements for tried-and-tested technologies. The numerous patent applications it submits, not to mention ever-growing customer demand, are clear signs of its success. Products that have proven exceptionally popular in the sector include the X Mover twin, a space-saving, maintenance-friendly portal with integrated spacer disposal, the X Mover single as an alternative to robots with linear motions, the FleXbox vacuum box for maximum availability and the X Packer for automatic packaging for finger-jointing equipment. At LIGNA 2017, the company is now presenting the next big thing in spacer insertion - the X Gripper.

"We already have a customer in the hardwood sector who is using the X Gripper and it has shown that it can handle a whole range of spacers including aluminum, ribbed and smooth wooden battens, thin battens and H-profile spacers - all without needing to be refitted," explains Georg Rammerstorfer, who is responsible for distribution and project engineering at Sicko. The new X Gripper is claimed to offer numerous advantages over conventional hopper feeders, which are usually installed above the area where stack is formed. For example, because it uses individually movable grippers instead of hopper feeders, users can set spacer positions to suit their requirements via the control panel. What's more, servo technology ensures these positions can be stored and then reused later on with outstanding precision. Users can determine the number of spacers in each layer, which can also be two or three times the number of grippers. A central store of spacers outside the stacking safety area ensures the machine can be reloaded easily from the ground at any time, i.e. there's no need to stop the machine or climb up to a platform. Furthermore, its makers claim that the X Gripper is not prone to faults caused by uneveness in slats.
Sicko GmbH & Co.KG (75059 Zaisenhausen, Germany), Hall 27, Stand G74
Contact: Georg Rammerstorfer
Tel.: +49 7258 93094-0

An exhibit that is cutting edge in more ways than one
Picking up one of the key themes at LIGNA 2017, Hans Hundegger AG is exhibiting a whole range of solutions for networked manufacturing. Among its stand-out exhibits is the TURBO-Drive cutting machine and its new touchscreen operating concept.

Unlike classic sawmill plants, carpenters using CNC-operated trimming machines process timber precisely according to the specifications of an architect or structural engineer. These precisely manufactured components can then be used to construct buildings with complex designs using log or timber-frame techniques and roof structures, too. The first plants were developed in 1963 but were still mechanically controlled. The first properly computer-controlled trimming machine arrived in 1984, when Hans Hundegger Maschinenbau GmbH launched the "P8". Since then, Hundegger has grown in size to become Hans Hundegger AG, but it is still very much at the forefront when it comes to integrating the benefits of Industry 4.0 digitalization into actual products. The company is at LIGNA 2017 in Hannover to show just how far it has got with networked production and is showcasing, among other things, the TURBO-Drive cutting machine and its new touchscreen operating concept.

Besides cutting, the TURBO-Drive can also perform drilling and milling work and make markings of all types. The heart of the machine is the flexible saw unit for any angle and inclined cuts. With the 5-axis saw unit, which can be swiveled around 360° and tilted around 90° at the same time, any kind of chop cuts, mitre cuts, Jack rafter cuts, birdsmouths, ridge laps, laps for fascia board and scarf joints etc. can be produced quickly, precisely and in a high surface quality. Unlike solutions that use an undertable mitre saw, the saw blade and axis on the TURBO-Drive cutting machine can move under the supporting height of the workpiece and thus process even horizontal cuts in any angle and any required thicknesses. The compact machine is also encapsulated to prevent dust ingress and noise emission and can be mounted on an even concrete floor without requiring any construction measures.
Hans Hundegger AG (87749 Hawangen, Germany), Hall 13, Stand C08
Contact: Walter Fahrenschon
Tel.: +49 8332 9233-0

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