• Production in Germany behind the trade's development
  • Frankfurt, 21st April, 2017 – In the past year German woodworking machinery producers showed an 11 percent increase in turnover. According to the Statistic Federal Agency, production in Germany reached – contrary to the VDMA’s expectations – a plus of only 2.3 percent. This corresponds to a value of 2.87 billion Euros. The German production record from 2007 (3.02 billion Euros) could therefore not be superseded, as had been expected. The Association is still expecting growth for woodworking machinery in the mid-one-digit percentage field for the ongoing year 2017.

    Differing turnover and production growth rates are not unusual and can also have something to do with how information is collected. Nevertheless, the obvious discrepancy in the past year is surprising. Because of the companies’ growing international focus, parts of the net product are not shown in the official German production statistics. This is often the case with the few large companies. The different ways that companies‘ value dates for revenue and production in plant manufacturing are analyzed, also play an important part for the woodworking machinery’s field. And additionally, companies seem to be increasing their service offers far more than other areas. And unlike revenue, services are not calculated in production.

    Exports rocketing 2016

    In the past year, the value of German woodworking machinery exports grew in comparison to the year before by 8 percent to around 2 billion Euros. After the first half year, exports were still below 2 percent of the previous year. In the third and fourth quarters, there was a plus of 9, or respectively 22 percent.

    On closer inspection, it is clear, that the USA was export market number one in 2016, to which Germany exported 204 million Euros worth of woodworking machinery. This corresponds to a plus of 13 percent. Second and third place were taken up by China including Hong Kong with a plus of 20 percent, and Poland with a plus of 23 percent.

    Import grows double-digits

    German woodworking machinery imports rose in the past year 2016 by 12 percent to a value of 455 million Euros. China was by far supplier number one. Germany imported woodworking machinery and parts at a value of 122 million Euros. This corresponded to a plus of 12 percent. The next in line were Italy with a plus of 10 percent, Poland (plus 40 percent), Austria (plus 25 percent) and Czechia (plus 24 percent). Especially the rapid rise of imports from Poland and Czechia, but also the high value of the Chinese imports, are an indicator for international links between German machine builders with regional suppliers and their own production sites in the area.