Making the most of an untapped resource!
Leitz GmbH & Co. KG is at LIGNA 2017 as a member of international network "PalmwoodNet" and is unveiling the results of development work for products and technologies.

Using the wood of oil palms isn’t just a good idea because wood supplies from traditional sources are declining and demand for wood products is rising. In fact, studies and pilot projects on using the wood of oil palms have highlighted impressive technical and economic potential. All the same, there has so far been a distinct lack of machinery, tools and processes designed and optimized specifically for utilizing and processing oil palm wood.

The overarching aim of the international "PalmwoodNet" network is therefore to make sure the wood of non-productive oil palms - an abundant but as-yet largely untapped resource - is put to the best possible use to manufacture marketable products that boast high added value. Such products include single- and multi-layered solid wood panels, cross-banded lumber veneered boards, glued laminated timber in standard dimensions and cross-laminated timber (CLT) in the key countries of Thailand and Malaysia. As part of the project, a comprehensive set of principles for the sustainable use of oil palm wood is now to be created that accounts for technical, economical, ecological and social considerations. The ambitious underlying aims include conserving resources and rainforests, tackling climate change and generating and safeguarding jobs and incomes in the resource countries. Tapping into new sales regions is also on the agenda. The "PalmwoodNet" network follows a multi-stakeholder approach and includes four other companies besides Leitz GmbH & Co. KG, namely Jowat SE, Minda Industrieanlagen GmbH, Möhringer Anlagenbau GmbH and Boehlerit GmbH & Co. KG. Various German universities and other industry partners will also be undertaking specific development work and implementation tasks for the network.
Leitz GmbH & Co. KG (73447 Oberkochen, Germany), Hall 15, Stand F16
Contact: Wolfgang Haegele
Tel.: +49 07264 950 204

Making the workplace safer
RUWI has made a name for itself nationally and internationally with versatile tool-free clamping technology, organizational systems and products to increase occupational safety. This family-owned company is now at LIGNA 2017 to unveil new assembly table surfaces and mobile construction site aids.

As well as the new quick-clamping assembly table surfaces specially developed for wood and plastic processing, the new replaceable assembly surface for the Festool MFT3 table is also set to surprise visitors to LIGNA 2017. As a smart concept for developing a mobile workshop using existing resources, it expands the RUWI product portfolio to reach out to new target groups and customers and creates added value that can be harnessed almost universally.

The wood version of the new table top consists of a 120 x 74 centimeter beech multiplex desk top and is scratch-proof and resistant to glue and solvents thanks to several coatings of a high-grade lacquer finish. RUWI clamping and lifting technology can be used thanks to integrated grooves and a side frame. The new multifunctional table tops will be available individually or in combination as lifting platforms or versions with legs. Users who need even more space can attach an Aigner table extension without the need for special tools using the new fixing adapter. The new version for plastic processing customers measures 120 x 80 cm and differs from its wood counterpart in its high-grade sandwich structure with a multiplex core and 6-millimeter-thick HPL surface layer on the top and bottom. The working surfaces are particularly abrasion-, impact- and scratch-proof and are resistant to heat and chemicals.

With the multiplex assembly surface with grooves for the widely used Festool MFT3 table, which is also being premiered at LIGNA 2017, the tool-free RUWI clamping technology successfully launched onto the market can be easily transferred from the workshop to mobile use, as the assembly table's inset carrying grip makes it ideal for construction sites.
RUWI GmbH (78737 Fluorn-Winzeln, Germany), Hall 12, Stand E02
Contact: Reiner Ruggaber
Tel.: +49 7402 8414

Focus on new technologies for the wood industry
imos AG, a furniture and interior design software developer, is at LIGNA 2017 with a revamped portfolio of solutions. As well as the new imos iX software, the company is also unveiling enhancements and innovations in the individual CAD, CAM, NET and 360 product groups.

The new version of imos software from imos AG marks a break with tradition. Instead of the anticipated imos 13.0 version, the company - based in Herford, Germany - is at LIGNA this year to premiere imos iX 2017 to an audience made up once again of industry representatives from around the world. imos AG is thus rebranding its upcoming and future releases in a clear demonstration of its new focus.

While imos focused on "inspire and produce" at LIGNA 2015, the emphasis this year is on new technologies for the wood industry. imos has been inspired by current trends and technologies and integrated them into its system solutions. It isn’t just the name of the latest software version that reflects the new orientation but also the latest trade fair presentation at LIGNA. imos is committed to ensuring an end-to-end process for trade and industry from end customer to machine with numerous enhancements and innovations in the individual CAD, CAM, NET and 360 product groups. "With imos iX, we're breaking with tradition and underlining that we are continuing to develop our solutions," stresses Winfried Dell, board member for sales and marketing. "We see it as our mission to produce technological innovations, analyze them and make them suitable for use in the industry. The 'i' stands for INNOVATION and INTEGRATION, while the 'X' comes from words such as EXCHANGE and CONNEXION and represents the exchange of data via various applications throughout the sales and manufacturing process. imos iX today is far more than just a CAD/CAM system - it's a complete solution for selling and manufacturing furniture and equipment in networked production and Industry 4.0."

imos AG is also in Hannover with iX Lab to show for the first time how VR technology can be used to promote sales and how it can be integrated into the sales process. Visitors to LIGNA 2017 can get an insight into virtual reality at the imos AG stand themselves, enabling them to see that imos AG views VR as a cutting-edge visualization tool that cleverly implements planning results produced using imos software.
imos AG (32052 Herford, Germany), Hall 15, Stand G47
Contact: André Schmidt
Tel.: +49 5221 9760

Looking sharp
Sharpening specialist VOLLMER is at LIGNA 2017 in Hannover to show how the new VOLLMER CC 355 production system can sharpen circular saw blades - in other words, tooth faces, tooth tops and side angles - in a single operation and in large volumes.

Under the banner "precision in dialog", VOLLMER WERKE Maschinenfabrik GmbH from Biberach, Germany, is showcasing grinding and eroding machinery for the wood processing industry that can be used to sharpen circular, band and gang saws and rotary tools. The highlight is the new VOLLMER CC 355 production system for circular saws, but the modified QXD 250 eroding machine for PCD-tipped rotary tools and the VGrind 360 grinding machine for solid carbide tools should also be worth a look for furniture makers, manufacturers of wood-based materials and operators of sharpening services.

The new CC 355 production system is ideal for manufacturers of carbide-tipped circular saws used for cutting wood. It can sharpen circular saw blades - in other words, tooth faces, tooth tops and side angles - in a single operation and in large volumes. To do this, four gripper arms automatically transfer the saw blades – which can have a diameter from 150 to 355 millimeters – from the loading system to the three machining stations. If larger circular saw blades need to be sharpened, the CP 650 sharpening machine, also being exhibited in Hannover, is a further attractive option, as it can sharpen tooth faces and tooth tops of carbide-tipped circular saws with diameters between 80 and 650 millimeters. VOLLMER is also providing information at its stand about further machines used for sharpening services or in the sharpening rooms of sawmills.
VOLLMER WERKE Maschinenfabrik GmbH (88400 Biberach, Germany), Hall 27, Stand B60
Contact: Ingo Wolf
Tel.: +49 7351 571-277

No fake news with this press
Ruf Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG is at LIGNA 2017 in Hannover to unveil new briquetting presses. At the heart of its presentation is the Ruf Briklet, a new briquetting system that supports the automatic transportation of briquettes manufactured using a hydraulic stamp press.

The newly developed Ruf Briklet press produces briquettes with a 30 millimeter diameter and thus in a size that can be easily transported on automated conveyor systems. This press is also able to compensate for different particle sizes automatically, so that other materials besides wood can also be processed. The Ruf Briklet is equipped with motors in energy efficiency class IE3. When processing wood shavings, it achieves throughput of around 300 kilograms an hour, with a briquette density of ≥ 1. A central silo distributes the shavings to two double-sided press elements, which means that briquettes are molded at a total of four outlets. Besides the Ruf Briklet, Ruf Maschinenbau – based in Tussenhausen, Germany - is also at LIGNA 2017 to showcase the LIGNUM range of briquetting systems, which are specially designed for wood processing and have also been further optimized by the company’s design team. The perfectly adapted hydraulics, for example, increase efficiency by around 25 percent, enabling users to achieve higher throughput with lower energy consumption.
Ruf Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG Brikettiersysteme (86874 Tussenhausen, Germany), Hall 25, Stand H66
Contact: Rita Behringer
Tel.: +49 8268 909020

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