Diverse sawing technology from Switzerland
Vertical sawing is about much more than simply getting a clean cut through wood-based materials. The portfolio that Striebig AG is showcasing at LIGNA 2017 centers on the theme of "diversity", featuring both customized solutions and new product innovations.

Hailing from the beautiful shores of Lake Lucerne in Switzerland, Striebig AG specializes in vertical sawing - from its COMPACT and STANDARD ranges right through to the premium EVOLUTION and CONTROL models and the top-end 4D saw. The company is confident that its wide range of saw sizes covers a more diverse spectrum of applications than any other market competitor, with even its most basic equipment surpassing the usual market standards. However, several optional extras are also available for users who want to take their vertical sawing even further.

The VSA scoring saw unit, for example, extends the service life of the saw blade and prevents damage to the edge profile. Meanwhile, processors with requirements that go beyond simple panel cutting can upgrade their Striebig saw with a grooving tool (NVV). Visitors to LIGNA 2017 are invited to the Striebig stand to see how the tool facilitates grooving and milling on a vertical saw.

Another focus for the company in Hannover this year is the impressive diversity of materials that can be processed using Striebig saws - from sandwich panel materials up to 25 m² with a thickness of 130 mm, to composite panels up to 30 m² and even 80 mm thick aluminum panels for automotive manufacturing. With comprehensive expertise in engineering, Striebig AG is fully equipped to deliver effective sawing solutions for even the most complex requirements.
Striebig AG (6014 Lucerne, Switzerland), Hall 12, Stand B29
Contact: Gerd Heuser
Tel.: +41 41 259 53 53
E-Mail: gheuser@afw-fd.de

Brand new but dry behind the ears already!
STELA Laxhuber GmbH is exhibiting the RecuDry System at LIGNA 2017, its new heat recovery technology for drying biomass.

As an international company, STELA has a successful track record when it comes to drying biomass products on belt dryers. Indeed, it has been adding to its experience since the very beginnings of this sector and has played a key role in developing low-calorific heat technology. STELA is a market leader with more than 450 of its low-temperature belt dryers for biomass installed at plants around the world. The company is at LIGNA 2017 to show visitors how its new RecuDry system can make conventional dryer technology even more energy efficient.

STELA promises energy savings of up to 35 or even 55 percent for new and existing plants, depending on the drying area available. The new RecuDry system is used to divide conventional technology into two drying areas - a Recu module and a condensation module. When drying air reaches the Recu module it is circulated and reheated to ensure it is optimally saturated. Some of this saturated air is then routed to the condensation module, where the largely latent energy it contains is then used to pre-warm fresh air. The key features of the system besides the potential energy savings are lower exhaust air volumes and emissions and the option of retrofitting the RecuDry system to existing plants.
STELA Laxhuber GmbH Trocknungstechnik (84323 Massing, Germany), Hall 26, Stand G76
Contact: Tobias Latein
Tel.: +49 8724 89 90
E-Mail: office@stela.de

A smart approach to cabinetmaking
Wood IQ GmbH Lohmeyer, which specializes in wood processing machinery for cabinetmaking, is at LIGNA 2017 to unveil the new BAZ 875 IQ CNC machining center with two separate Z axes for drilling and routing spindle.

Wood IQ is in Hannover to present an extensive cross-section of its cabinetmaking machinery combined with intelligent software. As can readily be seen, the company covers the complete value-added chain for cabinetmaking, with sliding-table saws, edgebanders, machining centers such as the BAZ 850n IQ and horizontal plane saws, while delivering exceptional value for money to the customer. At the heart of the trade fair presentation by Wood IQ - based in Tauberbischofsheim, Germany - is the new BAZ 875 IQ CNC machining center.

The BAZ 875 IQ stands out in particular because it features two separate Z axes for drilling and routing spindle. The working table features six aluminum benches, four of which are fitted with a 1,250 mm-long panel lifting device. The chip conveyor is integrated, and a hold down device is designed to ensure narrow workpieces are also machined in a stable and reliable process. The machine can be ordered with an LED positioning system. The drilling block is equipped with 14 individually selectable vertical spindles (8 on the X axis / 6 on the Y axis, 32 mm grid) and eight horizontal drilling spindles (2 + 2 in X direction, 2 + 2 in Y direction). No compromises have been made in terms of software and controls, either – the software used is NC-Hops, with its tried-and-tested Working Center user interface.
Wood IQ GmbH Lohmeyer (97941 Tauberbischofsheim, Germany), Hall 11, Stand D46, co-exhibitor with Nanxing Machinery
Contact: Peter Lohmeyer
Tel.: +49 9341 895 680
E-Mail: info@lohmeyer-iq.com

Find the right way at LIGNA 2017 with WEG
WEG, one of the world's leading suppliers of drive technology, is using its LIGNA premiere to showcase its innovative drive solutions for the wood industry, including the new WG20 geared motors for nominal torques of 820 to 1,550 Nm.

The WEG product portfolio previously consisted of helical, parallel shaft and helical bevel gear units with robust die-cast aluminum housings for nominal torques of between 50 and 600 Nm. The new WG20 universal geared motors for nominal torques of 820 to 1,550 Nm that form the centerpiece of WEG's presentation at LIGNA add two sizes each to the still young product portfolio. The new, more powerful gear units are made of cast iron and, like the other models in the series, they are available in energy efficiency classes up to IE3. Market-compliant connection dimensions will enable them to be integrated into numerous applications worldwide.

The unicase design of the new WG20 geared motor housings is intended to make them particularly robust and torsionally stiff. What's more, the weight-optimized WG20 geared motors exhibit excellent energy efficiency. The two/three-stage gear units are designed with a large ratio range, so the losses are minimal. The new gearing geometry also ensures high-precision power transmission over the entire speed range. "WG20 geared motors are very easy to maintain and service," explains Klaus Sirrenberg, Managing Director of WEG subsidiary Watt Drive, which was in charge of developing the motors and manufactures them at the company’s Austrian site in Markt Piesting. "Their robustness and high-quality workmanship make them perfect for applications with demanding environmental conditions such as the woodworking industry," he adds.

Visitors to the WEG stand can also find out about AKH's robust K1F and K2F parallel shaft motors, which are ideal for bandsaw and circular saw plants, sawmills and stone saws. These three-phase asynchronous motors impress not only with their high power density and energy efficiency, but also their optimum stability in precision applications.
WEG Germany GmbH (50169 Kerpen, Germany), Hall 16, Stand B06
Contact: Jürgen Ponweiser
Tel.: +43 2633 404 301
E-Mail: marketing@wattdrive.com

A nightmare for pyromaniacs
Leading Finnish paint and coating manufacturer Tikkurila is premiering its new Fontefire fire-retardant coating at LIGNA in Hannover.

At a time when startups are mushrooming everywhere, companies with over 150 years of history that do not crash and burn at the first sign of trouble are a reassuring symbol of stability. Tikkurila, founded in Finland in 1862, is one such heavyweight, which naturally doesn't stop the company from innovating and confidently making expansion plans. Building on its strong position as a market leader in Finland, Sweden, Russia and the Baltic states, Tikkurila is looking to continue its growth and conquer new markets. Showcasing its innovative products at LIGNA 2017 in Hannover is an excellent demonstration of this.

Tikkurila is offering a real first with its new Fontefire fire-retardant coating. The product's fire-retardant properties can create extra time in emergencies to rescue people at risk. Tikkurila's Fontefire is also a universal water-based coating that can be used both indoors and out for wall coverings and panels. It was also given the highest wood protection rating B-s1-d0 in product testing at an authorized test laboratory.
Tikkurila Oyj (01301 Vantaa, Finland), Hall 17, Stand C80
Contact: Arto Nummela
Tel.: +358 400 874 215
E-Mail: info.coatings@tikkurila.com

An all-rounder fit to join the joiners!
Sortimo International GmbH has over forty years of experience in producing customized van racking solutions. The portfolio that the company is showcasing at LIGNA 2017 includes the WorkMo mobile workstation - delivering real added value for woodworking specialists.

The current Sortimo product portfolio centers on sector-specific equipment solutions for specialist trades, services and industry. One of the Bavaria-based company’s many solutions that is particularly suited to the requirements of the woodworking trade is WorkMo - a mobile workstation made up of portable modules that helps keep tools organized in the vehicle and also serves as a flexible workbench or workstation while completing a job. What's more, it can also be used as a handy transportation aid within the workshop. Delivering exceptional versatility to meet the requirements of a range of different locations and applications, WorkMo is the perfect all-rounder for woodworking specialists such as joiners and carpenters.

WorkMo consists of portable modules that can be configured to suit individual requirements and connected together with easy-to-use clamps. Ensuring exceptional flexibility, the modules are not only suitable for transporting tools in vehicles - they can also be combined to create fully serviceable workstations and workshop trolleys. The WorkMo solution really comes into its own when used on the job, with accessory compartments, multiple sockets, a worktop and clamping systems creating a comfortable workstation for instant access to all tools and easy switching between materials and components. A brand-new innovation from Sortimo on show at LIGNA 2017 is WorkMo Fix, offering new load securing options made from high-quality PA6 plastic that can be fastened to the assembly floor.

The newly developed positioning mechanisms are suitable for WorkMo modules of all shapes and sizes. Four separate ProSafe lashing points are provided so that the WorkMo module can be fixed in place with ProSafe lashing straps, ensuring quick and easy load securing to a professional standard.
Sortimo International GmbH (86441 Zusmarshausen, Germany), Hall 13, Stand B18
Contact: Jana Heiß
Tel.: +49 8291 850 492
E-Mail: presse@sortimo.de

Highly efficient
At LIGNA 2017 in Hannover, Austrian company Herz Energietechnik GmbH will be exhibiting the pelletstar CONDENSATION with over 106 percent efficiency. This pellet boiler with condensing technology is just as sustainable as it is efficient.

Herz, a one-stop shop for renewable energy systems, will be telling visitors to Hannover all about its ultramodern pellet and wood chip plants ranging from 4 kW to 1,500 kW (or even 4,500 kW with cascade switching), its wood gasification boilers up to 40 kW and its heat pumps up to 200 kW. Other items in the Herz portfolio include buffer and hot water tanks. Following a period of intensive development work, the first Herz pellet boiler with condenser technology is now making its debut at LIGNA 2017.

Thanks to premium combustion technology and high-quality system components, the pelletstar CONDENSATION will live up to the Herz motto by boosting efficiency and reducing emissions. The steam contained in the flue gas is cooled sufficiently to produce the liquid condensate. This liquefaction releases heat that is used for heating purposes, which will result in efficiency levels of over 106 percent. Herz sees the extremely compact system as an ideal solution for new buildings and modernizations, all the more since heat can be distributed using either a low-temperature system (underfloor heating) or a high-temperature system (radiators). What's more, depending on the requirements, the pelletstar CONDENSATION will even be able to deliver the correct temperature without a buffer tank. In addition to outputs of 10, 12, 14 and 16 kW, which are standard for compact systems, the Herz pelletstar CONDENSATION will also be available for 30 kW output requirements.
Herz Energietechnik GmbH (7423 Pinkafeld, Austria), Hall 26, Stand G61
Contact: Simone Müllner
Tel.: +43 3357 42840-236
E-Mail: simone.muellner@herz.eu

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