Hot new product
The Turkish ON-IS MAK Group has decades of experience in manufacturing vacuum presses and thermoforming machines under the brand name Ribex Vacuum Technology. At LIGNA 2017, it is unveiling one of its latest products, the new Ribex Roco Thermoforming Machine.

Ön-Is Mak has been selling vacuum presses and thermoforming machines successfully in Turkey since 1990 and is now one of the leading manufacturers in this sector. Thanks to continuous production expansion and a steadily growing market share, the company has long since ventured outside its home country. Now, it is focusing on even more markets and the firm’s decision to exhibit at LIGNA 2017 in Hannover is a clear sign of its determination.

The continuous expansion of a global network of dealers and major investments in customer satisfaction show just how confident the Turkish company is about its appealing product portfolio. One of the highlights in the Ribex Vacuum Technology range is the new Ribex Roco Thermoforming Machine, which is celebrating its LIGNA premiere in Hannover. It promises to be perfectly capable of performing the full range of thermoforming processes on all kinds of solid surfaces and thermoplastics. The Ribex Roco Thermoforming Machine uses an ingenious vacuum unit for forming and cooling to ensure the material being processed stays flexible.
Ön-Is Mak Önadimlar Makina San. Tic. Ltd. Sti. (16140 Nilufer, Turkey), Hall 13, Stand F42
Contact: Emre Eke
Tel.: +90 224 413 25 00
Mobiel: +90 542 363 17 00
Fax: +90 224 413 19 00

Saving the best till last - new top coats!
AkzoNobel's Sikkens Wood Coatings brand aims to set a new standard in workmanship and surface protection with three new top coats for coating applications. The wood coatings CETOL WF 960, CETOL WF 965 and CETOL WF 945 are celebrating their premiere at LIGNA 2017.

The three new top coats have been formulated with improved properties and dependable quality so as to help save time, enhance results and better protect wood from the effects of the weather. CETOL WF 960, CETOL WF 965 and CETOL WF 945 produce a satin-matt, satin-gloss or matt effect and give wooden surfaces optimum protection, a fresh look and a natural appearance.

Sikkens Wood Coatings has very neatly summed up the improvements that CETOL provides in four different areas - even more beautiful, easier to process, safer and more resilient! A high level of transparency and a pleasant feel help to emphasize the natural qualities of the wood and bring out the beauty of the material exquisitely. What’s more, perfect flow characteristics, minimal microfoam formation, excellent blocking resistance and optimum sandability all ensure that CETOL is an ideal coating to work with. The coatings dry very quickly to form an effective water- and rain-resistant finish, which reduces the risk of water marks and other surface defects. Moreover, improved resistance to UV rays, hail and temperature fluctuations ensures the kind of durability and resilience that will give high-quality wood products a long life.
Akzo Nobel Hilden GmbH Woodfinishes and adhesives (40721 Hilden, Germany), Hall 26, Stand C23
Contact: Jutta Hobbiebrunken
Tel.: +49 221 99 585-860
Fax: +49 221 99 585-920

A chipper with an important place in the value-creation chain
Not all chippers are the same. Doppstadt, manufacturer of plants and shredding technology, is at LIGNA 2017 to showcase its DH 812 LD mobile precision chipper, which has a key role to play in the value chain between tree felling and cogeneration plants.

Key links in this value chain include machinery that can range freely over forests, feed wood fuel independently into their chippers and chip wood to the required size with high-quality results. Fortunately, Doppstadt has just such an all-rounder in its end-to-end product range - the new DH 812 LD precision chipper. This compact truck-mounted chipper - a Mercedes Arocs 3648 fitted with a crane system and DH 812 series chipper unit - effectively processes logs, tree crowns, bushes and slabwood, breaking it down to chips in sizes between G30 and G100.

The maximum diameter of the trees it can handle is particularly impressive. The DH 812 LD can feed tree trunks almost a meter in diameter into its chipper unit, which features an infeed width of 1,200 mm and a height of 800 mm and can chip even the thickest waste wood thanks to its three-metric-ton rotor weight. The powerful infeed drum and slat conveyor mean that the precision chipper from Doppstadt can handle tree crowns with ease. What’s more, the truck-mounted chipper can also reach virtually any location thanks to its 6x6 all-wheel drive, 3,900 mm wheelbase and PowerShift 3 system, which turns gentle pressure on the pedal into powerful performance in the machine. The reinforced chassis design ensures that the entire vehicle is exceptionally robust.
Werner Doppstadt Umwelttechnik GmbH & Co KG (42555 Velbert, Germany), open-air site, Stand L66/1
Contact: Daniel Kürten
Tel.: +49 2052 889 654
Fax: +49 2052 889 366

Take your seat in the fox's head!
As crafty as its namesake in nature and specially designed for handling machines, the Fox Cab from Terex Fuchs is among the winners of the world-renowned "iF DESIGN AWARD" 2017. This outstanding cabin will be unveiled to the public at LIGNA in Hannover.

Keen-eyed visitors are sure to notice the subtle design motif - the silhouette of a fox's head - that forms an integral element of the styling used for the Fox Cab. The designer's aim was to create an unmistakable brand feature that would permeate the entire cabin. All the same, there’s a lot more to this product than just a recurrent motif that aims to encourage an emotional bond - it has also been engineered to deliver optimum ergonomics for operators.

Visitors to LIGNA 2017 shouldn't pass up the opportunity to take a really close look at the Fox Cab, which has been designed specifically for handling machines. They will soon see that, despite all the clever, carefully crafted design features, this is not a machine that compromises on practical ergonomics. For example, the forward-slanting windshield ensures operators have the best possible view by providing additional shading from strong sunlight and a canopy effect in the rain. An oversized sliding door makes it easier for operators to get in and out, while the skylight offers the best possible view above, as appropriate to the working conditions of handling machinery.
TEREX Deutschland GmbH Geschäftsbereich Terex Fuchs (76669 Bad Schönborn, Germany), open-air site, Stand M53
Contact: Elena Sobolew
Tel.: +49 7253 84 431
Fax: +49 7253 84 411

4,000 square meters x Industry 4.0 = maximum customer benefit
With a new exhibition space concept in place at LIGNA 2017 in Hannover, the Weinig Group will for the first time ever have a 4,000 m2 stand to showcase its entire solid wood and panel processing portfolio - with the spotlight on W 4.0 Digital, project-based business and alternative materials.

Exhibiting with "THINK WEINIG" as its slogan, the Weinig Group is in Hannover this year with no fewer than 40 products on show - all of them ready for live demonstrations. Another first at LIGNA this year will be the Group's joint presentation with its business unit dedicated to panel processing: Holz-Her GmbH is showcasing solutions for CNC processing, panel splitting and edge banding, as well as panel storage systems. Taking center stage at the Weinig Group’s 4,000 sqm stand is Industry 4.0, with a focus on the benefits this megatrend can bring to the woodworking industry.

Gregor Baumbusch, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer at Weinig, explains the Group’s outlook ahead of LIGNA 2017: "Digitalization for its own sake does not give you a competitive advantage. Our solutions are always geared towards customer benefit." With this in mind, Weinig's networked production solutions, also known as W 4.0 Digital, are designed to ensure that customers can conveniently access the right information at the right time. This applies equally to industry customers and small business, with requirements in both fields now increasingly similar. To support businesses in their operations at a time when recruiting specialist personnel remains an issue, the Weinig Group wants to make complex production systems as easy as possible to operate. Simplification is key - for instance, Weinig makes things easier with user-friendly expert systems that support operators via a screen and thus help to prevent errors.
Michael Weinig AG (97941 Tauberbischofsheim, Germany), Hall 27, Stand D50
Contact: Klaus Müller
Tel.: +49 9341 86 1125
Fax: +49 9341 86 1411

Digital "logging" and much, much more from the homeland of lumberjacks
Canadian 20-20 Technologies is at LIGNA 2017 with a dedicated ERP solution for the furniture industry designed to boost sales and cut order processing costs.

As everyone in the furniture industry knows, the sector is developing in an incredibly dynamic way. With customer requirements changing faster than ever, optimizing the use of resources is crucial - from materials and equipment right through to personnel. With all these challenges in mind, 20-20 Technologies has developed a solution designed to help furniture manufacturers boost sales and double their custom design output with existing resources - while also cutting order processing costs.

The Canadian company is showcasing the latest version of its 2020 Insight ERP system at LIGNA 2017 and giving visitors the opportunity to explore this custom-designed solution for themselves. Specially developed to streamline furniture manufacturing processes, 2020 Insight goes way beyond off-the-shelf ERP systems to deliver a range of integrated functions ranging from product development and order processing right through to production itself. The system ensures that key data on orders, products, production and the supply chain can be seamlessly accessed - anywhere, any time - as required. What’s more, 2020 Insight automates and optimizes production workflows based on the company’s own business processes. Manufacturers can choose to install 2020 Insight either as an entirely new end-to-end ERP system or on a modular basis to complement their existing set-up.
20-20 Technologies GmbH (49084 Osnabrück, Germany), Hall 15, Stand G61/1
Contact: Nicole Mentzen
Tel.: +49 541 3550 140
Mobile: +49 151 180 11 140
Fax: +49 541 3550 199

An eye for detail
As every carpenter knows, when planing wood, you need a good pair of eyes to spot knots - the points where a branch had once grown that are much harder than the surrounding wood. Celebrating its première at LIGNA 2017, the Goldeneye 800 is a new high-speed scanner that is certainly up to the task.

"Keep your eyes peeled!" The importance of having a good pair of eyes is perhaps nowhere more crucial than in traditional carpentry, where spotting imperfections in the wood is paramount. Wood industry professionals no longer have to rely on the naked eye alone. These days, they can also use state-of-the-art scanning systems such as the Goldeneye 800 high-speed multi-sensor quality scanner, which Microtec, the Italian specialist in scanning and optimization solutions for sawmilling and wood processing, is exhibiting at LIGNA 2017.

The Goldeneye 800 is designed to help producers of construction lumber, high-speed applications and high-speed planer mills to maximize their productivity. Billed as the next generation in high-speed, multi-sensor scanners, it can analyze the quality of sawn timber at conveying speeds of up to 1200 meters per minute. Equipped with sensors to scan wood at high speed with unprecedented precision, the Goldeneye 800 makes exceptionally quick work of identifying and locating knots, cracks, pitch pockets, holes, stains, decay, wanes and other imperfections. The new X-ray technology is specifically designed for durable scanning and optimization, delivering excellent performance and accuracy even at increased feed speeds. Equally suitable for use on hardwood, softwood, green and dry timber, the scanner’s smart design also ensures a particularly long service life.
Microtec srl (39042 Bressanone/Brixen, Italy), Hall 27, Stand F27
Contact: Simon Schweigkofler
Tel.: +39 0472 273 730
Mobile: +39 348 36 60 059

Brand new - high-pressure duct humidification
Merlin Technology GmbH from Tumeltsham in Austria is at LIGNA 2017 to unveil its new ORBIT WING air humidification plant, which uses MICRO DROP high-performance nozzles to humidify air direct in the ventilation duct.

Unlike the ALPHA and CORE direct room humidifiers, this new system doesn’t require humidifier modules to be installed on the ceiling or wall. Thanks to its reduced evaporation distance, ORBIT WING from Merlin sets a new standard in high-pressure duct humidification and can be integrated with ease into any ventilation or air conditioning system. Based on the high-pressure atomizer principle, ORBIT WING humidifies the air direct in the duct using special MICRO-DROP atomizer nozzles. Wings are integrated into the system to produce precision turbulence at the breakaway edge.

The new system swirls the aerosols to extend their trail within a shorter travel distance. Only 2.5 to 3 Watts of power are needed to generate a kilogram of moisture. What’s more, the new intelligent combination of step control and pressure regulation is a groundbreaking development. The air humidification plant uses filtered, hygienically safe drinking water that is first run through a water softener and the system can also be fitted with a reverse osmosis filter and disinfection unit. An oil-free and self-lubricating hydraulic water pump pumps the treated water at a pressure of around 70 bar to the special stainless steel MICRO-DROP nozzles in the ventilation duct where it is atomized. The PID control mode of the automated PLC control system has also been designed to prevent overhumidification (condensate formation).
Merlin Technology GmbH (4911 Tumeltsham, Austria), Hall 13, Stand A39
Contact: Johannes Part
Tel.: +43 7752 71966-16
Fax: +43 7752 71988

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