Painting and coating specialist UWE MARX has given its Marx Z4 spray system a total makeover. The system’s frame is now made entirely of stainless steel, which not only improves its stability, but also makes it easier to clean, as marks from paint and coatings can be removed in next to no time. According to the manufacturer, the system as a whole requires very little in the way of cleaning, which takes barely longer than when using flow cups and disposable cups. An additional stainless steel drip tray also protects the floor underneath from annoying splashes. Appearances aren’t everything, of course, and the Z4 Premium certainly doesn’t disappoint when it comes to functionality. The system’s piston pump now uses special packing, while the redesigned air motor performs particularly well in lower pressure ranges. The control panel has also been fitted with a glass pressure gage for even better control.

What's more, the well-known advantages of the Z4 are still very much present, such as variable configuration. For example, depending on the amount of coating involved, users can choose between a two-liter cup or a more generously proportioned six-liter reservoir. Swapping between the two also takes no time, thanks to the three-way stainless steel ball valve. A mount for two additional two-liter cups is attached directly to the system as well. To ensure an especially neat and clean result, the system can be fitted with a Black-Finish-X.C aircoat pistol from UWE MARX, which features a special atomizer head and hand-detachable filter. The transfer rate using this equipment combination is as high as 86 percent and the manufacturer claims this saves up to 30 percent on materials and generates up to 80 percent less mist.

UWE MARX Oberflächentechnik GmbH (22846 Norderstedt, Germany)