Dust can cause real problems. It can reduce visibility and thus make precision working problematic, breathing it in is a health risk, and leaving behind thick layers of dust is never going to make a good impression on customers. Busting that dust is an absolute must! What’s more, since it is mostly generated at the workplace itself, extractors need to be as mobile as possible. Compact dust extractors thus offer the perfect solution for service and installation work - and Festool GmbH, which has known this for a long time now, already offers a range of suitable devices.

Available from January 2019, the latest mobile extractors from Festool are the CT MINI and the CT MIDI. Thanks to their compact dimensions and low weight, they are designed to fit into virtually any vehicle and are exceptionally easy to transport. Despite their size, they are equipped with a full range of sophisticated innovations to make dust-free work easier and more convenient than ever before. For example, the extractors can be started automatically via Bluetooth using a remote control or the battery pack. Meanwhile, replacing knobs and switches with innovative and intuitive touch controls ensures the devices are easy to operate even when wearing gloves or in dirty surroundings. The filter can be replaced quickly from the outside without any need for tools, and is designed for dust extraction class M when it comes to harmful dusts. The extractors can be cleaned by hand and feature a large hose holder for stowing accessories, as well as a flat top for setting tools down temporarily.

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