Previously, for delimbing in heights above five meters, only tools and methods that require complex and strenuous manual work with a lot of personnel were used. Now the advaligno Patas, named after one of the fastest monkeys, is offering a solution which is designed to redefine timber stand management worldwide.

Simple facts and figures are giving proof of the company's self-confidentially claimed quantum leap in the field of delimbing higher trees: For the time being, foresters and service providers were glad to finish four trees or maybe six per hour by piecework. Using the Patas will enable them to do 40 up to 50 trees an hour. While usually no one would take the effort to continue delimbing much higher than eight meters, the advaligno machine allows for a range between 12 and 15 meters with the easiest possible operation.

When you see the machine at work, you immediately understand how this immense advantage in efficiency is achieved: the Patas will go up the tree for a complete delimbing process in nearly incredible eight to ten seconds – and back down again! The technology, which is protected by international patents, is based on a cutting head which reaches the necessary speed via hydraulically driven rubber belts that guarantee minimum bark pressure and maximum grip. Weather-independent and in the whole year, precisely designed blades separate all branches cleanly and safely from the tree. The entire system consists of two modules: a drive and transport unit with combustion engine and hydraulic caterpillar drive, as well as the already mentioned cutting unit, which then works on the tree. A three-point hitch is also available for the connection to standardized small tractors.

The innovative product was created on the basis of a family business's own initiative. As he had been active in the field delimbing for decades, Ernst Jordan many years ago looked for ways to get the process done mechanically, without doing any harm to the tree and above all to the sensitive cambium. Many ways were tried and rejected, until finally the machine emerged, which could ensure the desired performance even in permanent tests. With the prototypes developed by the Jordan family, some 200,000 trees have already been delimbed within the last eight years. In the meantime, the entire family has already been engaged in the second generation and has now founded advaligno GmbH with partners who have provided financial support and additional entrepreneurial know-how.

The young company has set itself the goal to become the system supplier that will turn mechanical delimbing upside down around the world. In the long term, further developments, adapted to the most diverse needs of tree species and geographic regions, shall ensure the success of the advaligno products.

The demand for high-grade wood has been growing worldwide for years. According to studies of the FAO, the agricultural department of the United Nations, this will remain so for many years, thanks to the growth of the emerging markets. 70% of the wood for furniture and veneer comes from plantations outside the EU, which means that German and European forestry operators are under increasing pressure to work more efficiently. Likewise, especially in the South American plantations, there is a tremendous need to delimb as many fast growing trees as possible. The whole team of advaligno therefore sees very good opportunities to meet the nerve of the industry exactly with their product Patas.

Forestry experts, who already experienced the Patas in action came to the end "The selection of the future crop trees must be completely rethought as soon as this machine is available!" With cost reductions of more than 70%, considerably more trees can be delimbed than, as usual, only every seventh to tenth. Forest owners will be able to dramatically increase the value and yield of their forestry by growing branch-free timber. Service providers are given a tool to carry out their work much more efficiently and more gently for the workforce as well as for nature. So, in the future it will be called more and more often: "High-grade wood instead of firewood!"

On the basis of the internally tested prototypes, advaligno will now be presenting the considerably further improved pre-production machine at the LIGNA 2017 in Hannover, Germany. Live demonstrations of the machine take place regularly at the stand of the company (Outdoor area, P58). The revolutionary technology will be as well presented as part of KWF's "Sonderpräsentation Forsttechnik" ("Special Presentation of Forestry Technology").