One of the world's leading manufacturers and developers of coating technologies for customers in sectors such as the wood-based panels industry, Robert Bürkle GmbH has been synonymous with quality, customer focus and innovation ever since it was founded in 1920. Now an international business with branches in North America, Europe and Asia plus global distribution partners, it also provides companies in all kinds of fields with personal, customized support.

The universal, autonomous production cell Bürkle GmbH recently unveiled opens up a whole host of possibilities for the flexible special processing of items such as doors and windows. In principle, the cell is suitable for virtually any conceivable type of processing. The robot can be equipped with all kinds of units and supports customized programming. It goes without saying that this includes typical robot tasks such as loading and stacking. Bürkle’s main target groups are industrial enterprises and larger companies in the skilled trades sector.

Robert Bürkle GmbH (72250 Freudenstadt, Germany)