The current Sortimo product portfolio centers on sector-specific equipment solutions for specialist trades, services and industry. One of the Bavaria-based company's many solutions that is particularly suited to the requirements of the woodworking trade is WorkMo - a mobile workstation made up of portable modules that helps keep tools organized in the vehicle and also serves as a flexible workbench or workstation while completing a job. What’s more, it can also be used as a handy transportation aid within the workshop. Delivering exceptional versatility to meet the requirements of a range of different locations and applications, WorkMo is the perfect all-rounder for woodworking specialists such as joiners and carpenters.

WorkMo consists of portable modules that can be configured to suit individual requirements and connected together with easy-to-use clamps. Ensuring exceptional flexibility, the modules are not only suitable for transporting tools in vehicles - they can also be combined to create fully serviceable workstations and workshop trolleys. The WorkMo solution really comes into its own when used on the job, with accessory compartments, multiple sockets, a worktop and clamping systems creating a comfortable workstation for instant access to all tools and easy switching between materials and components. A brand-new innovation from Sortimo on show at LIGNA 2017 is WorkMo Fix, offering new load securing options made from high-quality PA6 plastic that can be fastened to the assembly floor. The newly developed positioning mechanisms are suitable for WorkMo modules of all shapes and sizes. Four separate ProSafe lashing points are provided so that the WorkMo module can be fixed in place with ProSafe lashing straps, ensuring quick and easy load securing to a professional standard.