"Discover the World of WOODTECH" - Said world continues to expand and WINTERSTEIGER AG, in line with its motto, feels called to make it usable with a wide range of products, including customized automation solutions. Accordingly, at LIGNA 2023 in Hanover, the Upper Austrians will be exhibiting, among other things, four different machines for precise thin wood cutting.

The latest of these four models is the DSB Twinhead Pro XM thin-cutting bandsaw for high capacities. The bandsaw with two saw modules was developed for the precise ripping of hardwood and softwood in dry and wet cutting processes and is said to stand out as a "high-speed" variant. The company chalks up the accompanying digitalization as a further plus point: with its connection to the myWINTERSTEIGER cloud, the machine offers automatic stock monitoring for preventive replacement, automatic block width measurement and relevant operating data acquisition.

Furthermore, with the DSB Compact XM, the entry-level model for precise thin-cutting of wood is presented. The third thin-cutting exhibit, the DSB Singlehead NG XM, lies between the first two in terms of capacity. The special feature of this DSB Singlehead is its cutting width of 400 millimeters. Originally manufactured at the customer's request, this model has since been in such high demand that the decision has now been made to include it in the standard program. In addition to the band saw models, the gang saw technology will not be neglected, as it stands for the most economical thin cut. On display will be the DSG Notum thin-cutting frame saw - a real success story with more than 200 machines sold, spread over five continents.

In the field of surface treatment, WINTERSTEIGER has added the TRC Preclean for automatic pre-cleaning of wood surfaces to its product range. Before repairing defects by filling, raw floorboards must be precleaned. The TRC Preclean frees knotholes from bark ingrowths or soft parts, also cracks or similar defects are cleaned. The system scans the defects, evaluates the data and then processes these areas independently. On clamping tables, processes such as loading and unloading, scanning and evaluation run parallel to the defect cleaning. The TRC Preclean is modularly expandable and can process plank layers and boards up to 1,300 x 2,500 millimeters.

WINTERSTEIGER also has something in store for the actual, automatic filling of defects in the wood: With the high-performance TRC Board, the application units work hand in hand and repair defects in top layers, parquet planks or solid wood planks, among other things.