A high degree of spreading accuracy needs to be achieved in the dosing bin so as to obtain a perfectly spread particle mat. According to BINOS, systems with this technology improve not only the spreading process, but also downstream processes such as pressing, grinding and coating, which will boost efficiency and cut both production and material costs. It is also possible to improve the quality during the spreading process using just a small amount of material, which delivers additional savings. What's more, the tried-and-tested segmented return scraper can influence the quantity of material discharged from the dosing bin in the forming machine on the fly.

"Every production manager involved in producing particle board knows how laborious it is climbing into a dosing bin to adjust the scraper pins to suit the required mass per unit area. With the Ultra Scraper, the BINOS team has now found a user-friendly solution to this problem that even makes it possible to influence the mass per unit area during the production process," explains a development engineer from BINOS. For this purpose, each of the individually suspended elements has an adjusting unit to separately adjust the height and – depending on the product requirements and quality standards - the bin's discharge rate based on the width. This minimizes the deviations in mass per unit area. These measures can also reduce the board’s average bulk density, which results in further material savings. The Ultra Scraper, which is suitable for various levels of investment, comes with manual adjustment as standard, but motorized adjustment is also available as an option. A sample model at the BINOS stand at LIGNA 2017 will offer an insight into how the Ultra Scraper works.