The newly developed Multi processCell from the Zimmer Group is a multifunctional robotic processing cell said to be perfect for processing board-type workpieces made of wood, wood-based materials, composite materials and aluminum. According to the Zimmer Group, this patent-pending cell is primarily intended for small volumes down to a batch size of one. It consists of two central units - one highly flexible transport module and one processing module featuring two industrial robots.

The transport module takes care of workpiece transport within the cell, linking the loading and unloading stations with the processing and measuring stations. The individually controlled transport units (shuttles) can be used as masters or slaves depending on the requirements and are designed to operate either separately or in tandem. This eliminates the need for rigidly linked transport - via a continuous conveyor belt, for example. The central processing module features two industrial robots, each equipped with a multi-functional machining unit. Both robots work together to minimize machining tolerances in a small space where the workpiece is temporarily stopped within the otherwise continuous process. This solution from the Zimmer Group is designed to be scalable, quick and highly flexible, and can also be connected directly to an MES system. Not only that, but the machine control system can clearly identify the individual workpieces via a barcode, ensuring comprehensive production checks and outstanding production quality.