KAESER KOMPRESSOREN is a global provider of products, services and turnkey systems for supplying energy in the form of compressed air for manufacturing and work processes. All KAESER solutions – from actually generating compressed air to its treatment and distribution - are geared to optimum overall efficiency, which helps make users more competitive. It goes without saying that this also applies to the wood processing industry, for which KAESER supplies fully customized compressed air solutions – from reciprocating compressors to highly efficient Industry 4.0-compatible compressed air systems with remote monitoring. KAESER’s new and far more efficient DSD rotary screw compressors are among its exhibits at this year’s LIGNA.

Refining the actual rotary airend - the very place the compressed air is produced - and optimizing the Sigma profile of rotary screw compressors from 75 kilowatts upward boosts their specific power by up to twelve percent. The new DSD rotary screw compressors as well as the ESD and FSD series are therefore set to impress with their far better efficiency and increased flow rate, which can also have a very positive impact on the energy cost balance.