Compared to the standard cam and dowel fitting, the new Cabineo from connection specialist Lamello boasts more efficient machining, faster installation and a high clamping force without the additional use of wooden dowels. The connector has been designed to ensure maximum functionality with minimal use of resources.

The Cabineo offers significant benefits in production, transportation and installation. For example, it can be installed in workpieces during the production process. The workpieces can then be easily stacked for transportation without any protruding parts that could cause damage. Packing and additional logistics outlay for a separate bag with fittings are also eliminated. Cabineo users benefit in the final assembly stage, too, as no loose fittings need to be installed. Everything is designed to radically cut assembly time and eliminate installation errors completely.

The new connector is inserted into the routed area in the horizontal workpiece, which can take place in production prior to transportation or at the final destination following transportation. The preinstalled screw in the connector then just needs to be screwed into the 5-mm drill hole in the corresponding workpiece, using a standard ball-end Allen key. The international audience in Hannover can also see Lamello’s optional cover caps in various colors, which can be clipped onto the Cabineo within seconds.