Sometimes it's all about the details - the finer points that outsiders have no idea about but can really present problems for specialists. Take, for example, sanding the edges of the solid wood and MDF doors used on furniture and in home interiors. Sanding straight or profiled workpiece edges in ever-changing dimensions is indeed a major challenge in terms of results and effectiveness. As a specialist in sanding machines based on brush technology, MB Maschinenbau GmbH is well aware of this challenge and is meeting it head on with the ROBA REP edge sanding machine, which is being unveiled at LIGNA 2019.

Right from the outset, the aim was that the new ROBA REP edge sanding machine should be able to sand internal doors and furniture doors to a high-quality standard and with a high throughput from a batch size of one. As a result, a new concept first had to be developed. The workpieces are now measured on the fly using automatic width detection, and the processing units are then positioned with high-speed servo axes. This means the workpieces can be placed very close together as they are carried through the system, which boosts throughput. A rapid recirculation conveyor can be used when sanding workpieces on all sides. All systems are operated with step-in and step-out control to protect the edge corners.