And with laser, plasma, hot-air and NIR (near-infrared) to choose from, there’s no shortage of processes for those invisible transitions between edge band and panel. These technologies are enormously versatile, enabling single-lot production and outstanding price/performance ratios. Highlights include AirTec hot-air processing and IMALUX direct laser edge-banding.

Today's big manufacturers of edge-banding machines have solutions for every requirement, which is why even small joinery shops are increasingly investing in seamless edge-banding. In custom production applications involving large ranges of materials, the latest solutions offer flexibility and short set-up times. They are making small-scale production runs more cost-effective, thereby safeguarding competitiveness in a hotly contested market. Machinery manufacturers such as Biesse and IMA offer scalable seamless edge-banding centers that are a cost-effective investment for entry-level users. Meanwhile, edge-band manufacturers like Rehau are responding to the great variety of edge-banding processes available with functional layers that can be used for a wide range of solutions. And Döllken has developed countertop edging for a whole array of new applications. There are even solutions for furniture and cabinetry makers who want to keep a foot in both camps. Homag and Holz-Her, for example, offer parallel systems that enable users to choose between the latest systems and conventional polyurethane edge-band gluing.

What other innovations does the future hold, and what is the best edge-banding solution for your requirements? Find out at LIGNA 2017. Only at LIGNA, the world's leading trade fair for machinery and tools for the woodworking and timber processing industry, will you find the latest edge-banding machines and materials from all the leading manufacturers.