Outsiders may view wood as a rustic material with a nostalgic charm that seems incompatible with the blessings of industrial digitalization. Yet the various innovations in the wood processing industry that are being premiered at LIGNA 2017 in Hannover show that this is not the case at all. ATEMAG Aggregatetechnologie und Manufaktur AG is based in Hofstetten in Germany's Black Forest region and has up to now been known primarily as a developer and producer of aggregates for machining wood materials on CNC machining centers. Its new ATEMAG control 4.0 system brings the benefits of predictive maintenance to wood processing.

ATEMAG control 4.0 gives users mobile access to all key information about individual aggregates for optimizing production and thus enables them to maintain a continuous overview of their status. As well as standard information such as the name of the aggregate, its serial number, production date and firmware version, the system also provides up-to-date parameters such as speed, temperature and current running time of the aggregates in use. ATEMAG control 4.0 thus enables users to harness unused power reserves and thereby help optimize productivity. ATEMAG control 4.0 also records the accumulated running time, the number of uses, the maximum temperature reached and all speeds and stores this data for downstream evaluation when planning maintenance cycles, for example.