Daniel Bucher, CEO of Lucerne-based Striebig AG, is clearly looking forward to the show and is hoping for some interesting days at Hannover: "We are looking forward to the overall LIGNA experience. Personal encounters will again be possible in user and dealer discussions and with market companions. Striebig will be presenting a wide and individual range of vertical panel saws. At the same time, we will be presenting the wide range of applications for our digital solutions."

Model diversity

With the two high-end saws STRIEBIG 4D and CONTROL, the entry-level model COMPACT and the anniversary saw EDITION 60, the Swiss company will show an excerpt of its model diversity at LIGNA 2023. With the STRIEBIG 4D, the entire horizontal and vertical transport of the workpiece runs fully automatically. The CONTROL can be easily and conveniently controlled via a 12-inch touchscreen with logically structured user interface (HMI). Equipped with the 4SB option, the CONTROL automatically performs the bottom trim cuts. With its integrated panel lowering device, the EDITION 60 is said to enable fluent 1-person trimming with a hand-held vertical saw.

Vertical saws digital

Continuous data flow through production with a direct data link to the vertical saw is essential for many users. Striebig plans to present a comprehensive range of solutions for this in Hanover. Many Striebig models can be retrofitted with the OptiDivide system, which operates independently of the machine control system. It will be able to transfer data directly from commercially available ERP or CAD systems. Additional software options, such as residual stock management or block part optimization, can also be retrofitted, according to Striebig.

Labeling included

The high-end CONTROL and STRIEBIG 4D saws can be equipped ex works with BaseCut or ExpertCut. BaseCut as the light version enables cut optimization via the touchscreen directly on the saw. The professional version ExpertCut takes over the data from the CAD or ERP system in the office. The cutting optimization software, which is specially adapted to the saw, processes the data, transfers it to the saw and guides the operator step by step through the panel cutting process. Both systems have a label printer on the saw. It prints the label for identifying the cut workpiece directly during cutting. According to Schweizer, the results are precise and error-free cutting, unmistakable labeling that prevents mix-ups, and high cost-effectiveness.

Universal individuality

Striebig's vertical sawing technology is designed to do more than just cut wood and wood-based materials. With the appropriate equipment, the saws can be used universally for various composite panel materials, aluminum or plastic panels. Panels of up to a good 25 square meters in size are said to be able to be cut with the well-known Swiss sawing precision in a small footprint.

Unassailable brand essence

Precision, technological leadership and the promise of quality are essential for CEO Bucher. He keeps an eye on early detection of market changes. "We work with foresight and continuously improve the benefits of our technology for users. At LIGNA, we offer our visitors compelling live experiences of the original for vertical."