As a manufacturer of premium hand-held machines and power tools for professional wood processing, MAFELL has been wowing the carpentry and cabinetmaking industries ever since it was founded in 1899. The family-run company is known both for its expertise in materials and technology as well as for its commitment to quality, which is reflected in its new slogan - "MAFELL - creating excellence". That's why MAFELL is not just using LIGNA 2019 as an opportunity to showcase its latest innovations, such as the DuoDoweler DDF 40, the K65 18 M bl cordless circular saw and the KSS 60 M bl cordless cross-cutting system. It is also shining a spotlight on one of its classic products, which embodies the MAFELL mission statement of "creating excellence" better than anything else in its portfolio - the P1CC precision jigsaw.

The new DuoDoweler DDF 40 is said to combine the easy handling of a biscuit joiner with the versatility and high-quality joints associated with standard wooden dowels (6 to 12 mm in diameter). When developing the DDF 40, which is set to replace the tried-and-tested DD 40 G, the specialists at MAFELL sought to make the revolutionary concept of the DuoDoweler even simpler and more efficient. Thanks to its special design, featuring a flat baseplate, the new DuoDoweler is said to allow users to easily position and drill dowel holes as if they were using a biscuit joiner, without having to use a template or mark out the work.

MAFELL's new K65 18 M bl circular saw and KSS 60 18M bl cross-cutting system, which are replacing the previous models with 36-volt batteries, are available in two variants - one with two high-quality LiHD batteries with a capacity of 99 Watt hours (Wh) and a charger, and one without batteries or a charger. With the exception of the A 10 M cordless drill driver, all MAFELL cordless power tools are now powered by 18-volt technology. As MAFELL is part of the newly founded Cordless Alliance System (CAS), its battery packs are compatible with those used in the cordless power tools of other CAS partners.