"With the expansion of our process chain in the area of liquid coating, we presented the new Bürkle spray coating program for the first time at LIGNA in 2017. We were able to successfully implement many of our customers' requirements with the ROBUSeco as an entry-level machine with efficient handling solutions up to fully automated high-performance lines with the ROBUSpro as the core machine," says Bürkle Managing Director Olaf Rohrbeck.

Spray painting technology with the associated process technology

"We continuously developed spray painting technology and the associated process technology," adds Matthias Picker, Division Manager Woodworking at Bürkle's home base in Freudenstadt. "Quite a few innovative solutions have been implemented. The performance capability of the ROBUSeco for craft businesses is now even greater. At LIGNA 2023 in Hanover, we will show the variety of innovative solutions of our spray painting program."

Fast material changes

According to Bürkle, the machine software and HMI (Human Machine Interface) are now even more user-friendly. Spray gun positioning and offset values are said to be easier to set. Free configuration of the guns to the three color circuits is possible. The new supply air system can also be set via the HMI and easily adapted to different paint properties, significantly reducing overspray. The Bürkle developers also paid special attention to fast color or material changes. The three color circuits can remain permanently set up in production with four guns each, i.e. a maximum of twelve guns. Color change is possible at the push of a button. Thanks to this equipment, machine availability is increased enormously.

Solution for contract finishers

In addition to the technical improvements, Bürkle attaches great importance to providing the best possible support for craftsmen. In craft furniture or interior finishing, the desire for individual surfaces in high quality is increasing, so one side of the coin. The other side: lack of skilled workers and space, uneven quality in surface finishing, deadlines cannot be met. This is often the reality in factories. ROBUSeco offers the solution: high-quality paint surfaces with uniform coating thicknesses at clearly definable deadlines. Specialist tradesmen can score points with this and generate better profits. Be it through an optimized order mix or the offer to also work as a contract finisher.