Elried Markierungssysteme GmbH is a leading supplier in the industrial marking and coding sector. Split into two business units - "marking and export coding" and "product and package coding" - the company adopts very different approaches to place the relevant content on products and packaging as appropriate to the relevant requirements. At LIGNA 2019, Elried is training the spotlight on new inkjet marking systems for applying variable data such as IPPC, CE or corporate logos to wood.

One example is the highly integrated "edding in-line 12" printing system, which it developed with edding for easy installation into new and existing production plants. Thanks to edding's ink expertise, the "edding in-line 12" can not only print on wood, but virtually every other material, including cardboard, plastic, glass and metal. What's more, its creators promise this printer features three other distinctive advantages. Firstly, this device, manufactured in Germany, is exceptionally reliable thanks to its sturdy aluminum casing. It is also user-friendly, as it can be installed and operated without help from a technician or the need for training. Moreover, this compact printer boasts extensive communication skills that enable it to connect with machines up- and downstream via various inputs and outputs. Last but not least, the system can be fully integrated into existing networks and comes as a complete package with all required accessories.