From creating cutting patterns and managing tools to retrieving custom material parameters - intelligent and cleverly networked software solutions are playing an increasingly important role in manufacturing processes throughout the value chain in woodworking. That's nothing new for the HOMAG Group, the world's leading provider of integrated solutions for production in the woodworking industry and woodworking shops. By ensuring most of its saws can be connected to the "tapio" Internet of Things platform, HOMAG is paving the way for the use of innovative, cloud-based high-performance software. In fact, all HOMAG saws in the 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 series with CADmatic 5 and the SAWTEQ B-130 are "tapio ready" right now.

Cloud-based innovative high-performance software is now a reality. The recently unveiled "intelliDivide" software solution supports much higher computing capacities and thus offers users several alternative optimization results in a short space of time that they can retrieve as the situation requires. Besides the classic, purely waste-based result, users can also select alternatives that fit the relevant requirements perfectly, for instance the result with the shortest machine runtime or the simplest handling requirements. The impressively high computing power courtesy of the cloud ensures that the result with by far the best key data is available immediately.

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