For individual coating solutions in the field of spray painting technology, the Rheda-Wiedenbrück-based and globally operating company Venjakob is a constant as a system supplier. The general contractor's product range is extensive and covers all processes included in a coating line.

From pretreatment to coating, automation and drying to exhaust air purification or energy recovery - Venjakob aims to offer everything from a single source, including different application processes.

Increased demand for combined coating processes

In addition to spray coating, dipping, flooding, or casting, Venjakob, in cooperation with the Wo-Tech company, has also been expanding its competence in the area of roller application systems for several years. Increasingly, these are not requested as a stand-alone solution, but in combination with other application processes - or even as an entire painting line.

At LIGNA 2023, the company will therefore be coming up with live demonstrations of how profiled workpieces are effectively coated with a 100 percent UV coating using a special application roller in conjunction with the robust Venjakob machine. Curing takes place in a UV system in which Venjakob combines energy-saving UV LED technology with a Surround UV module that provides optimal irradiation of shaped workpieces. Afterwards, the coated workpieces can be stacked and packaged immediately, as the coating is already completely cured.

Craft and industry are welcome

Many people associate Venjakob primarily with fully automated coating solutions for industrial companies in the woodworking and furniture industries. But the family-owned company from East Westphalia can do "handshakes" as well as "specifications". The entry-level model VEN SPRAY ONE, for example, is already winning over many craftsmen.

Robust, reliable and intuitively operable by just one employee, the compact painting system offers a cost-efficient alternative to the manual spray booth. The machine type, which is specially designed for craftsmen and small businesses, will also be used live at LIGNA 2023.

Intelligent control technology, an invisible added value for plant operators

Venjakob is also attempting to make the added value of intelligent control technology visible at LIGNA 2023 by demonstrating how painting systems can be optimally occupied with the help of its own specially developed control technology and a software program. The added value is to be seen at the latest in the increased efficiency and in the resources saved.

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