There are so many different ways to join together two bits of wood - some of which have been tried and tested over millenia. And yet there is still scope for innovation in this area - and possibly even revolution. The BECK Fastener Group, based in Mauerkirchen, Austria, is a family-run company founded in 1904 that has been one of the leading suppliers of fastening technologies for over 85 years. Right on cue for LIGNA 2017 in Hannover, the company is now expanding its range of fasteners for joining wood to wood – which is already the world’s largest - with the unique LignoLoc wooden nail.

The revolutionary LignoLoc wooden nails are made of domestic beechwood and have a tensile strength of 250 Newtons per square millimeter. Thanks to their impressive mechanical properties, the wooden nails can be fired into solid construction timber using the FASCO LignoLoc pneumatic nailer to create a permanent joint - and all without having to pre-drill the wood. When compared to fasteners made of aluminum or steel, the wooden nails' most impressive feature is that they don't create thermal bridges or leave traces of corrosion in the wood. The pioneering LignoLoc system is patent pending and is due to be launched onto the market in the second half of 2017.