What is the name of your project?

ZDMP or Zero Defect Manufacturing Platform which is a Research Project (Innovation Action –funded by the EU with contract no. 825631) that aim to create and establish a Zero-Defects environment deployment and networking of an Intelligent and "SME-friendly" Platform, Application Studio, and Marketplace of developed functionality, applications, and services.

What is new about it?

The interesting innovation of this application lies on the fact that the electrospindle has a direct communication with the digital Platform ZDMP and from there it is possible to carry out its monitoring and control. This is possible also thru an app.

In addition to the remote monitoring a number of additional features can be made available referring to digital twin, preventive and predictive maintenance, diagnostic and performance optimization. In this context, ZDMP will allow end-sers to connect their systems (i.e. shopfloor and ERP Systems) to benefit from the features of the platform. These benefits include products and production quality assurance among others.

What is the main benefit for the customer?

This application aims to improve reliability and performance of the electrospindle and the machine tool ensuring the end users the reduction of equipment TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

ZDMP aims therefor at providing an extendable platform for supporting factories with a high interoperability level to cope with the concept of connected factories to reach the zero defects goal.

Are there any other important points that you can think of?

SOFTWARE AG and HSD would like to show an IIoT application on Electrospindles combined with a remote monitoring. The electrospindles is installed on a Machine tool which carries out its daily work. The Electrospindle is wireless connected to the internet and sends its data to the digital platform (the data transmission is directly from the Electrospindle, it does not need any data support from the machine tool).

A number of specific sensors collect data from the Electrospindle (data includes status information as well as machining data), the embedded edge computing equipment filters and selects them so to give out "digested" data (for efficiency and cost effective management).

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