These days, for carpenters, cabinetmakers and store designers alike, creating furniture and fittings in a smart and efficient way calls for seamless process chains - from design and production right through to logistics. And when it comes to linking up all these processes, state-of-the-art CAD/CAM systems are indispensable. SWOOD Design from DPS Software GmbH is an expert CAD/CAM solution featuring technology that fully embodies Industry 4.0 visions for seamless networking - without ever overwhelming the user. The intuitive software is the first to offer full, certified integration into SOLIDWORKS - a CAD solution from Dassault Systèmes already favored by five million users.

Specially tailored to the furniture industry, SWOOD Design delivers enhanced functions to make design and engineering significantly easier, quicker and more structured. Parts and component groups including carcasses, bases, drawers and backwalls can be produced in a standardized way and fitted with a range of connections. What's more, finished items can be saved in the integrated SWOODBox library and easily adapted for subsequent orders. All necessary fittings, connectors and other additional components can also be imported and equipped with standardized features. All of this makes creating complex interiors more flexible and dramatically speeds up the processes involved, which is a real must at a time when there is such a shortage of skilled workers.

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