Like so many others, clamping tool specialist BESSEY from Bietigheim-Bissingen is delighted with LIGNA's comeback as a trade show where visitors can attend. Fully committed to this year's trade show motto "MAKING MORE OUT OF WOOD", BESSEY will be presenting numerous practical aids and fascinating new products in Hanover that are designed to provide optimum support for woodworking craftsmen. The focus will be on clamping tools for multifunctional tables, the one-handed clamp range and the ceiling supports including the range of accessories. Visitors will

be able to experience exciting new products in all these product areas, such as the horizontal pull-down clamp, the one-handed clamp with 360-degree rotating handle unit and the additions to the ceiling support range. But the popular carcase clamps and door chuck assembly products will also be back. And as a good tradition, BESSEY will once again be holding an attractive trade fair promotion for visitors, but we cannot reveal anything about it at this point.

The secret star among the many new solutions is certainly the new EZ360 one-handed clamp (patent pending). Whether it's assembly or carpentry work, drywall, kitchen or store construction - wherever one-handed clamping and spreading work is required, craftsmen should be able to benefit from the new EZ360. This is because BESSEY has succeeded in ensuring that the entire handle unit can be rotated around the rail. A 12-stage locking mechanism ensures that the selected handle position is held securely. Depending on the work situation, the most ergonomic pump position can thus be selected to fix the workpiece comfortably and securely - whether far up, down or from the opposite side. The same also applies to spreading work. Thanks to the push-button release mechanism, the upper part can be removed without tools and reattached to the other end of the rail. The EZ360 also brings advantages to another well-known problem: When several clamping tools are used simultaneously in a confined space, one-hand clamps with pump handles behind the rail can quickly interfere with each other. With the EZ360, the handle can be easily swung out of the work area before or after the clamping operation. When the release lever on the sliding bar is pressed, the clamp can be quickly adjusted to the required clamping or spreading width and - if it is fastened - released again. Long protective caps distribute the clamping force of up to 140 kilograms, which also protects workpiece surfaces.

In addition to its special look, the EZ360 is also extremely robust. High-quality materials such as glass-fiber-reinforced polyamide for the upper and lower parts, and tempered and burnished steel for the hollow section rail are used. In addition, the plastic housing is designed to protect the internal handle mechanism from dust and chips.