The pioneering design of the CS 600 features two 15-millimeter-thick lasered and milled steel side members, with the entire machine being located in between. Only the chain and V-belt drives are mounted externally. The speed of the two separately controlled feed units with profiled feed rollers can be regulated using a frequency converter. The intake height is hydraulically adapted to the wood, and the large opening to the tempered saw shaft ensures easy saw blade changes. What's more, the shaft is supported in only two places and is therefore particularly precise and quiet. The central lubrication also contributes to this.

The compact, slimline design with feed and outfeed tables delivers excellent mobility. The V-belt and chain drives of the feed unit have separate protective covers, while various motor versions are available, from 22 to 90 kW. The new CS 600 offers short on-site startup, thanks to its compact design and because it doesn’t require any further installation. The entire machine is transported as a complete unit, with the electrical box and saw motor being permanently attached to it. Users simply need to install the feed and outfeed tables and connect the power and they are ready to start.