Tool specialist Mafell, based in Oberndorf, Germany, is committed to ensuring its customers no longer need to think about the tools they use, simply because Mafell has already gone to great lengths to do this for them. For everything that follows, users should be able to follow their instinct. The latest results of the company's approach can now be seen at LIGNA 2017 in Hannover. As well as showcasing various new cross-cutting, circular and plunge-cut saws, along with battery-operated tools that for the first time use the new 88-watt LiHD technology, Mafell is also presenting a first for LIGNA in the shape of a completely new insulation saw system.

Precision in cutting and sawing should be the watchword for craftsmanship, regardless of material and location. Yet, when it came to insulation materials, there was room for improvement in terms of the tools available. Absolute precision is key here, particularly for insulation materials that - when not processed precisely - lead almost inevitably to thermal bridges, with serious consequences that may result in costly building damage. To prevent this, Mafell has developed the new DSS 300 insulation saw system. Instead of a saw blade, this system uses a wire with 23 cutting links. The insulation saw can be used with a rail and freehand. Both methods enable high-precision cuts in pressure-proof wood-fiber insulation boards up to 300 millimeters thick.