The Roba Split Belt has been specially designed for sanding flat and profiled surfaces. This innovative machine from MB Maschinenbau GmbH has been optimized for lacquer sanding, which is a particularly difficult task in the field of furniture production. The process includes a whole range of factors that influence the end result, so the developers working on the Roba Split Belt set out to find an ideal solution that combines the right configuration of aggregates and abrasives with a versatile range of settings for the sanding parameters.

To achieve this ambitious goal when designing the Roba Split Belt, MB Maschinenbau made full use of all the extensive expertise and experience it has built up in lacquer sanding. It was based on the Roba Tech philosophy that only a large sanding area provides enough performance for an outstanding result that the engineers developed the "split belt" sanding unit. The machine combines the advantages of ensuring a large contact area with the workpiece, while working with and against the workpiece’s direction of travel. What’s more, users also have the option to oscillate the split belt unit at up to 30°, which helps deliver an even better result.