ISELI, based in the Swiss Canton of Lucerne, develops and manufactures grinding machines, complex processing machines and automation solutions. Its portfolio is squarely aimed at the efficient saw shops of tool manufacturers, service providers working with sharpening technology, and sawmills - in short, pretty much anywhere that wood, aluminum, plastic and metal need to be cut to perfection. ISELI designs its system technology for maximum ease of use and application flexibility, and aims to impress with just how adaptable it is to customer requirements. One particular development that seems to tick all these boxes is being unveiled at LIGNA 2019 in Hannover - the new BNP 200/210.

The BNP 200/210 is a fully automatic, three-axis-controlled profile grinding machine for band saws in a wet grinding design. One of the highlights of the BNP 200/210 is that the entire work sequence can be programmed via the three-axis CNC controller. The third axis ensures that the tooth face and tooth top can also be ground separately. What's more, the drive for the grinding wheel on the BNP 210 is powered directly by a water-cooled spindle motor. This process, which has been patented by ISELI, allows users to perform new toothing, i.e. grinding directly into the steel. Added to that, the grinding wheel diameter of 350 millimeters also ensures a long service life and impressive profile stability. All in all, the machine is very much geared toward ease of use, with a state-of-the-art touchscreen keeping programming times short and giving companies flexibility when it comes to deploying staff.