Less than a year has passed since Heesemann and HOMAG announced their technology partnership in the field of sanding machines. HOMAG's declared goal was to continue to cover the customer's entire process chain. However, responsibility for the development and production of sanding machines was to lie with Heesemann in the future.

In order to be able to offer end-to-end solutions for all segments from entry-level to high-end solutions, Heesemann has expanded its sanding machine portfolio. And the result is something to be proud of - most recently at LIGNA 2023 in Hanover.

New entry-level models developed in a very short time

The sanding machines from Karl Heesemann Maschinenfabrik in Bad Oeynhausen are said to be optimally designed for continuous use in industrial series production thanks to their robust construction and outstanding performance features. In recent years, however, there has also been a growing desire for automated sanding solutions among customers in the craft segment as well as among small and medium-sized businesses - which is why the HSM, Heesemann's smallest machine to date, is also particularly popular in these segments.

With the new entry-level models SWT-100 and HSM Compact, the portfolio is now being rounded off downwards once again, and the HSM series has also been completely revised as a "New Edition". This means that the discerning craftsman will now also be able to obtain industrial technology at affordable prices. Because all machines have one thing in common: the Heesemann DNA. In other words: Heesemann does not make any compromises on the quality of the sanded product, regardless of whether sanding is done with a KSA or a SWT-100, the quality promise remains the same.

SWT-100: The entry into professional sanding

According to its developers, the SWT-100 is the perfect solution for small and medium-sized craft businesses to fulfill customer-specific sanding tasks in surface finishing. Whether as a single or double belt machine, the predefined five configuration models with a working width of 1,100 millimeters are said to be perfect for the production of kitchen, office and solid wood furniture.

Calibrating and fine sanding of solid wood, sanding of veneers and intermediate lacquer sanding is thus possible. Until recently offered by HOMAG, the SWT-100 is now available as a Heesemann machine.

HSM Compact: Versatile all-round machine for craftsmen with high demands

The HSM Compact was developed on the basis of the former SWT-200. Numerous Heesemann technologies have been incorporated, such as the maintenance-free CSD magnetic pressure beam as standard, which is also found in all other Heesemann machines, as well as the spindle height adjustment in the machine column or the absolutely plane-parallel Heesemann vacuum table for obtaining perfectly dimensionally accurate workpieces, and finally, energy consumption is also reduced by a particularly efficient extraction system.

Optimal for producing a wide range of surface qualities

With the HSM Compact, all work that occurs in the plant can be performed with consistent quality and in a particularly user-friendly manner: Calibrating, intermediate veneer and lacquer sanding, structuring as well as cleaning of boards, solid wood or veneered workpieces. According to the company, the multifunctional sanding center, which occupies an area of just four and a half square meters, is ideally suited for producing a wide range of surface qualities.

The HSM Compact is Heesemann's smallest machine equipped with the maintenance-free CSD magnetic pressure beam as standard. It is available as a single- and double-belt machine in six possible standard configurations and sensible equipment options.

HSM New Edition: The automatic surface grinding machine for craft & industry.

The HSM New Edition is the logical further development of the successful HSM series. For the first time, the popular DB-S planetary head unit is available in an entry-level machine.

Whether effect sanding, cross sanding, lacquer or high-gloss sanding, panels, solid wood or veneered workpieces - the HSM New Edition can process workpieces with a thickness of three to 200 millimeters. It features automatic workpiece thickness measurement across the entire processing width in the machine infeed. Both the sanding belt speed on all fine sanding units and the feed rate (three to 15 meters per minute) can be infinitely adjusted. The HSM series is available as a two-, three- or four-belt machine in 17 possible standard configurations and a wide range of equipment options.

Successful handover of the baton

The fact that both sides are satisfied with the result of the technology partnership is documented by the corresponding quotes: "The quality of the machines is simply unique. The results speak for themselves, because with no other machine do they get surfaces like with a Heesemann. The Heesemann DNA can be felt in every single machine, which ultimately also convinces our customers. It's simply fun to have machines like this in our portfolio," states Peter Niederer from HOMAG Switzerland Sales, for example.

And for the "opposite side", Christoph Giese, Managing Director of Heesemann, confirms: "The teams on both sides have done a remarkable job in the last weeks and months, and I am really proud of this achievement. Without the commitment of each individual, we certainly wouldn't have achieved this in such a short time. A big thank you to everyone involved."

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