IPCO is eager to impress with its steel belt technology for digital presses, aiming to optimize a whole range of digital printing applications such as printing on plastic cards. The Swedish company’s steel belts, which are available in thicknesses from 0.4 mm, are manufactured to exhibit minimum tolerances and engineered to ensure absolute flatness. Together with the outstanding rigidity that comes with a steel belt, these properties are designed to allow for precise and uniform positioning – thus ensuring maximum print accuracy - and achieve printing speeds that other belt technologies are unable to reach.

The steel belts from IPCO can be made in virtually any length and width to meet the specific requirements of a press. They can be supplied with a smooth surface, or with perforations so the customer can use a vacuum system and thus eliminate the risk of the print material moving on the belt. "This is a relatively new application for our steel belts, but one for which they are exceptionally well suited," says Cherryleen Garcia-Lindgren, Global Innovation Manager at IPCO, adding: "Stability, accuracy, easy cleaning and durability are all key here and we look forward to exploring the possibilities that exist across the entire digital printing sector."