Keen-eyed visitors are sure to notice the subtle design motif – the silhouette of a fox’s head – that forms an integral element of the styling used for the Fox Cab. The designer’s aim was to create an unmistakable brand feature that would permeate the entire cabin. All the same, there’s a lot more to this product than just a recurrent motif that aims to encourage an emotional bond – it has also been engineered to deliver optimum ergonomics for operators.

Visitors to LIGNA 2017 shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to take a really close look at the Fox Cab, which has been designed specifically for handling machines. They will soon see that, despite all the clever, carefully crafted design features, this is not a machine that compromises on practical ergonomics. For example, the forward-slanting windshield ensures operators have the best possible view by providing additional shading from strong sunlight and a canopy effect in the rain. An oversized sliding door makes it easier for operators to get in and out, while the skylight offers the best possible view above, as appropriate to the working conditions of handling machinery.