IVM Chemicals, headquartered in Italy, is one of the leading suppliers of wood coatings in Europe, represented by subsidiaries in France, Spain, Greece, Poland and, of course, Germany. The local branch of the group is located in Herrenberg, Swabia. Here, under the long-established brand name CROMA LACKE, the high-quality products of the IVM Group are packaged and distributed throughout Germany. But the German branch has even more to offer: since 2018, experts from industry and trade have been meeting in Herrenberg in search of optimal results in furniture and wood varnishing - because this is also the home of the so-called Surface Competence Centre of CROMA LACKE. And this Surface Competence Centre has recently undergone a further upgrade.

In the course of the new, close cooperation with the Italian painting machine manufacturer Makor, the centre was supplemented with further new system technologies. For example, the latest S-One automatic surface spraying machine from Makor can now be marvelled at in full equipment for application-oriented live presentations. Among other things, it is equipped with glass detection, small-volume containers, gun sets in the variants air-atomising, airless and airmix as well as Kremlin pumps and application technology. In combination with the Makor Fastdry drying channel and the Makor Ultradry UV dryer, the S-One automatic surface spraying machine can apply all commercially available coating systems from water-thinnable 1K, 2K and UV coatings, as well as solvent-based systems.

In addition, further application machines are available in the technical centre for simulating a wide variety of surfaces. These include a 2-belt cylinder sanding machine from SCM, a roller application machine with smooth and grooved rollers, a filler machine and Floory oil line with a distributor unit for brushing and padding, as well as a UV dryer from Makor. In addition, there are two roller applicators, optionally with textured or sponge rubber rollers and distributor brushes for pickling, as well as a gravure printing unit with two printing rollers from Bürkle. This extensive equipment should enable IVM Chemicals to reproduce almost any application form for wood finishing in real life under the guidance of experienced specialists.

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