In the quest for the most cost-efficient and resource-friendly energy generation, clearly no stone is being left unturned. HE Energy GmbH, based in Wismar in northern Germany, is at LIGNA 2017 in Hannover to present a genuine world first - the e-stove. This stove, which is on the brink of being launched onto the market, is a wood-nano cogeneration unit for producing heat, electricity and hot water for the home, heating the living room and lighting it with LED lamps. Visitors to LIGNA can see how the innovative e-stove generates heat and electricity in live demonstrations.

Thanks to the above features, the e-stove can also be used as a backup if conventional heating systems stop working after a power failure, for example. The current yield of up to 0.5 kilowatts covers the energy required by heating pumps and controls, LED home lighting and mobile devices. A key aspect of this innovation is the use of thermoelectric generators (TEGs), which enable direct conversion of thermal energy from the wood fire into electrical energy. For decades now, this reliable technology has been used to supply energy to space probes far away from Earth, for instance - albeit without a wood fire in sight, of course.