HOLZ-HER GmbH, part of the Weinig Group, specializes in the production and distribution of stationary processing machines for wooden materials. The company currently has a workforce of approximately 400 and is one of Germany’s leading manufacturers of woodworking machinery, focusing on edgebanding machines, vertical panel saws, horizontal pressure beam saws and CNC machining centers. HOLZ-HER is at LIGNA 2019 to showcase a whole range of large exhibits, some of which are making their trade fair debuts, including the ZENTREX 6215 pressure beam saw.

According to the manufacturer, the synergy between the clean protection and dust control functions (two-stage extraction management system) ensures the ZENTREX 6215 power offers maximum extraction power. The clean protection function is used when making dust cuts. During the cutting process, an intelligent, moving extraction unit behind the saw blade prevents chips and dust from being hurled out in an uncontrolled manner. This keeps the machine table clean even when machining extremely narrow dust cuts. Meanwhile, the dust control function uses a cutting position recognition system to optimize all extraction openings in the pressure beam. This ensures maximum extraction power is available directly at the saw blade at all times. Extraction openings that are not required are closed automatically, but can be activated manually via the control interface if necessary. To help users deal with panel sizes that, despite 3D onscreen simulation, are difficult to differentiate in terms of length or width, the ZENTREX 6215 power features a laser positioning system that ensures accuracy down to the millimeter. This means the days of remeasuring panels or positioning them incorrectly in the machine are set to become a thing of the past. Not only that, but this feature is also said to minimize incorrect cuts and wastage.