A tradition-steeped company based in Germany’s Allgäu region, Otto Martin Maschinenbau (MARTIN) has been committed to producing professional woodworking machinery since 1922. Its current product portfolio ranges from high-quality large spindle molders and surface and thicknessing planers to robust sliding-table saws.Renowned for their exceptional attention to detail and user-friendly designs, MARTIN machines deliver practice-oriented functionality and long service life. The company is at LIGNA 2017 in Hannover with a number of highlights on show - including the MARTIN Q-FIN.

Sanding between coats is one of the least popular and most expensive steps in window construction. What's more, the frames also have to be transported, laid and turned - these are time-consuming and cost-intensive processes that have the potential to cause damage. This is precisely where the aptly named "Quality Finishing" system from MARTIN comes in. Using the Q-FIN to prepare surfaces removes the need for sanding between coats as well as the associated handling processes. Thanks to an innovative cross-cutting system, the wood fibers that run lengthwise are finely cut at right angles, ensuring a level of precision that cannot be achieved using conventional techniques. This makes the Q-FIN the perfect machine for any company aiming to reduce costs and improve surface quality at the same time.