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Halls 25 - 26, Open-air Site | Energy from Wood

Decentralized energy generation and utilization: from the recovery of process energy in the timber industry to its utilization for heating purposes or conversion to electric power.
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Hall 26 | Wood Based Panel Production

Machinery, plant and auxiliary materials for the production of wood-based panel products, wood-like materials and composites: chipboard, MDF, OSB, CPL, HPL and veneer production you'll find at LIGNA.
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Open-air Site & Pavilions | Machinery for Forestry, Roundwood & Sawntimber Production

The focus here is on state-of-the-art forestry technology and optimized timber harvesting systems, the utilization of wood as a material and an energy source, mobile sawmills, logistics and transport, as well as large forestry machines and accessories.
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Hall 16 | Machine Components and Automation Technology

With Industry 4.0 now in full swing, machine components and automation technology today play a major role. Exhibits here include efficient drive solutions, control systems for CNC machines, efficient and energy-saving transport and handling solutions, as well as high-performance industrial robots.
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Halls 16 + 17 | Surface Technology

Advanced technologies, digitization, integration and automation are key trends in woodworking and timber processing and hence keynote themes at LIGNA. One of the focus themes at LIGNA 2021 is Woodworking Transformation.
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Hall 25 | Sawmill Technology

The complete range of sawmill technology will be showcased at LIGNA 2021 – from log yard and initial rip sawing to sorting, drying and generation of the required energy input.
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Halls 11 - 15 and 27 | Tools & Machinery for Custom & Mass Production

Whether for batch-size one production or mass production runs, tools and machinery for processing all types of wood products are on display here. Visitors can find out all they need to know about working with solid wood, panel products, plastics and composites. LIGNA will again focus on the breakdown of the technology divide between woodworking shops and industrial manufacturers.
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