The latest Sigma Air Manager - SAM 4.0 - performs a number of functions, including optimizing pressure values, automatically adjusting the flow rate of a compressor station with fluctuating pressure consumption, comprehensively increasing energy efficiency on the basis of control and switching losses and pressure flexibility, and equipping existing compressed air stations for future services such as predictive maintenance. All in all, this boosts operational reliability and efficiency while cutting energy costs.

The experts from Kaeser are at LIGNA 2017 to show how these aims can be achieved using solutions such as Adaptive 3Dadvanced Control. This technology doesn’t just take into account switching losses (starts/stops) but also other factors affecting a compressed air system's energy efficiency, such as control losses (idling and frequency conversion) and pressure flexibility (average increase over the required pressure). The innovative control system proactively calculates the optimum achievable combination and controls the connected components accordingly - key to this is the user’s required pressure.

SAM 4.0 speaks 30 languages and, thanks to its easy-to-use 12-inch touchscreen color display, users can see at a glance whether the station's energy status is satisfactory, as operating states, pressure flow, volume, power, and maintenance and error messages can be displayed and analyzed, both for the current time and retrospectively. And this can be done not just on site but also via a network connection on a PC in the office, for example. This doesn't just deliver reliability and provide the basis for predictive management but also supports energy management to ISO 50001.