By providing end-to-end solutions and the world's largest collection of manufacturer catalogs, 2020 provides businesses with the software and content to be more efficient, integrated and productive.

The 2020 portfolio includes the industry-specific solutions End-to-End, ERP, MES, WMI, CAD/CAM, Omnichannel and 3D Design.

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2020 Lectures at LIGNA

  • Advanced MES: With 100% transparency to higher productivity
    2020 shows you with virtual, international and practical examples of Advanced MES implementations. Modern MES systems are extremely powerful tools that only unfold their full effect when embedded in the IT landscape and through machine integrations. Learn from virtual production tours about the possibilities of modern MES systems. Get ideas on how to take your production to the next level.
  • Smart warehouse management for furniture manufacturers and the woodworking industry
    Digitally mapping, monitoring and automating processes in the warehouse is the standard in today's world. In this presentation, you will learn how to manage different warehouse types with one software and how to realize different warehouse strategies, storage and evaluation methods digitally. Get practical insights into scanner managed warehouses, as well as different storage strategies and their automated implementation. Have you always wanted to learn how to reduce inventory, avoid errors through technical identification, make better use of your space, and minimize labor costs through automation? Get ideas for your Warehouse Management 4.0.
  • Diversification as a result of end-to-end digitization
    The basis for sustainable growth is an end-to-end process digitization. Using a practice-based example, we will show you how a company specializing in only one distribution channel and only one furniture segment was able to develop into an extremely flexible company with a diversified business. Learn how digitization has helped project business, commercial business and contract work to be carried out with the same resources, from order entry to planning, production and assembly. Learn that with the help of digitization, batch size 1 and mass production can be practiced in parallel.