For 50 years, the name Fröling has stood for innovation and pioneering achievements in wood-fired heating systems way beyond the company's home country of Austria. A whole host of cutting-edge log-wood combustion boilers, wood-chip and shaving burners using Lambda technology, and prize-winning pellet boilers bear Fröling's unmistakable signature. The company’s ongoing quest to design increasingly efficient solutions has earned it multiple internationally renowned badges of quality. As an end-to-end supplier, Fröling designs not just log-wood, wood-chip and pellet-fired boilers of all sizes (from compact to industrial systems), but also innovative storage systems from buffer tanks through to hygienic warm water suppliers and solar layered tanks. You might say the company's latest brainchild, the T4e, is a "chip off the old block", as it's the next step onward and upward from the tried-and-tested T4 wood-chip-fired boiler.

The new T4e is designed to meet every conceivable wish. Its intelligent, fully automatic boiler system can burn both wood chips and pellets extremely efficiently and with low emissions - and its silicon-carbide combustion chamber achieves a whopping 94-percent efficiency. What's more, the drives used in the T4e have been meticulously selected to ensure maximum energy-saving performance. Last but not least, its remarkably compact, modular design makes the Fröling T4e easy to install and set up in the tightest of spaces. The entire boiler is supplied pre-tested and preassembled, complete with electrical wiring. Energy-efficient, durable and stable - with such impeccable credentials, the T4e boiler earned the Austrian Ecolabel with flying colors.

Fröling Heizkessel- und Behälterbau Ges.m.b.H. (4710 Grieskirchen, Austria)