"Keep your eyes peeled!" The importance of having a good pair of eyes is perhaps nowhere more crucial than in traditional carpentry, where spotting imperfections in the wood is paramount. Wood industry professionals no longer have to rely on the naked eye alone. These days, they can also use state-of-the-art scanning systems such as the Goldeneye 800 high-speed multi-sensor quality scanner, which Microtec, the Italian specialist in scanning and optimization solutions for sawmilling and wood processing, is exhibiting at LIGNA 2017.

The Goldeneye 800 is designed to help producers of construction lumber, high-speed applications and high-speed planer mills to maximize their productivity. Billed as the next generation in high-speed, multi-sensor scanners, it can analyze the quality of sawn timber at conveying speeds of up to 1200 meters per minute. Equipped with sensors to scan wood at high speed with unprecedented precision, the Goldeneye 800 makes exceptionally quick work of identifying and locating knots, cracks, pitch pockets, holes, stains, decay, wanes and other imperfections. The new X-ray technology is specifically designed for durable scanning and optimization, delivering excellent performance and accuracy even at increased feed speeds. Equally suitable for use on hardwood, softwood, green and dry timber, the scanner’s smart design also ensures a particularly long service life.