LEUCO is one of the world’s leading suppliers of carbide- and diamond-tipped machining tools for wood and plastic machining, with a range including circular saw blades, wood chippers, drills, bore- and shank-type tools, clamping systems and turning plates. The new diamond-tipped flexClick cutter from LEUCO is a state-of-the-art tool for rounding and chamfering plastic edge bands and MDF edges in furniture production.

Developed in partnership with machine tool manufacturer Homag, the patent-pending flexClick cutter features an outstanding innovation that allows users to automatically switch between profile 1 and 2. This astounding new function works in a similar way to a ballpoint pen and doesn’t require any complex motor controllers. Ultimately, customers get two profiles in one tool and all they need to do to switch between them is press the tool against a copy wheel while the machine is at standstill, thus actuating the mechanism. The new cutter is available for machines from Homag Kantentechnik GmbH but is perfectly compatible with the standard motors of existing machines. Dual-profile technology is ideal for use on compact edge banding machines and in companies that want to produce small lot sizes with minimal set-up requirements. The flexClick edge rounding cutters are available from stock with a number of preconfigured combinations for profile 1 and profile 2. Additional profile combinations are available on request.

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