Regardless of whether it's a large industrial operation or a classic craft workshop - a cost-effective, reliable and efficient compressed air supply of the most varied sizes is indispensable almost everywhere. At LIGNA 2023 in Hanover, Kaeser Kompressoren will therefore be showcasing its modern portfolio, including the space-saving i.Comp 8 and i.Comp 9 Tower compact stations, a compressed air supply concept specially developed for workshops.

According to Kaeser, the compact stations are particularly robust, powerful, compact, easy to maintain, efficient and much more. At the heart of the i.Comp family is the innovative drive concept, which is said to combine a number of advantages. For example, it always delivers exactly enough power to meet the required compressed air demand in a stepless manner. The piston compressor itself is, of course, to be of the usual industrial Kaeser quality, Made in Germany.

The most important component for making the company's own compressed air supply not only highly efficient but also fit for Industry 4.0 in the future is the "Sigma Air Manager 4.0" (SAM 4.0). The compressed air management system is designed not only to perfectly coordinate all components of a compressed air system, but also to ensure maximum availability and energy efficiency at all times.