The still fresh EDGETEQ S-500 series from the HOMAG Group impressed right from the start with its high flexibility in edge banding and feed rates of 20 and 25 meters per minute. On the occasion of the last LIGNA, Homag added the MS40 multi-stage trimming unit, the MF60 Servotrim multi-function trimming unit, the BF40 fine trimming unit and the MZ40 multi-stage scraper unit to the EDGETEQ S-500, further enhancing the machine's utility value. Another special feature was added: the new AG12 gluing unit for optional use with EVA or PUR glue now allowed processing of individual strips up to twelve millimeters as standard and also required less space in the basic version. Handling of the application unit during adhesive and ink changes has been simplified and now offers the option of emptying the application unit inside the machine. The fluid supply, in turn, has been moved to the outside, which means it takes up less space and is easier to access.

However, all these measures are by no means the end of the evolution of the EDGETEQ S-500. In the run-up to LIGNA 2023, word from Schopfloch is that the precise WZ14 workpiece feed system, which was previously only available for higher series, is now also available for the EDGETEQ S-500 series edge banders. Thus, the extended sliding pawls of the WZ14 now safely guide the workpieces under the top pressure, supported by the format delivery, which is responsible for the exact parallel cuts as a prerequisite for correct angles. In this way, even coarsely formatted workpieces should be able to be processed perfectly. A further addition to the optimization of the EDGETEQ S-500 is the LOOPTEQ O-600 gantry return. This intelligent multi-talent is used for automated workpiece return and stacking and thus forms the basis for an interlinked material flow with high performance. A defined rotation during transfer of the workpieces ensures process-oriented return and finished workpieces can be both discharged and stacked.