The SEMA Group is one of the world's leading providers of software solutions and supplementary services for timber construction, staircase design and sheet metal processing. Thanks to the modular design of its software, which features components for planning, design, visualization, evaluation and production, along with variable master data, this innovative suite can be adapted perfectly to customer requirements, making it ideal for small-scale workshops and industrial operations alike. In celebration of its 35th anniversary, SEMA is at LIGNA 2019 to showcase version 19-2 of its software suite, which boasts a whole host of exciting new features, including a 3D laser measuring system with point clouds.

The point clouds generated by a 3D laser scanner can be used as a basis when designing renovations and other construction work on existing buildings. Not only that, but this latest software update ensures users can import these point clouds directly into the SEMA software and process them there. In this way, any cross-sections of the scan can be generated in the program at the touch of a button, and all the relevant measurement points can be identified quickly and easily. Point clouds offer a whole host of benefits that can be used within the software for planning and engineering work - these include minimal measuring deviations, measurements that accurately reflect deformation, area and distance measurements, and the ability to create as-built plans and visualize buildings and virtual walk-throughs. With this latest update, SEMA is determined to set a new standard when it comes to handling 3D digital data and processing it further using CAD software.