Schmalz, based in Glatten in the Black Forest, is one of the market leaders in automation with vacuum and in ergonomic handling systems. In the run-up to LIGNA 2023 in Hanover, Schmalz is now sending a narrower series of its universal large-area gripper, the FXP-/FMP-60, into the halls of glass and wood processors and intralogistics specialists. The new large-area vacuum gripping system is available immediately in various lengths and with or without an integrated vacuum generator.

In contrast to the established 130 millimeter wide version, the FXP-60 and FMP-60 measure just 60 millimeters and are therefore particularly well suited for use in tight spaces, with interfering contours or for single beam handling. An energy-efficient multistage ejector sits on top of the FXP-60, which is said to ensure low running costs and high operational reliability. The FMP-60 variant is designed for an external vacuum generator. Despite its narrow width, the FXP-/FMP-60 is not picky about the dimensions or pickup position of the workpiece. Thanks to integrated flow resistance technology, the minimum degree of occupancy is 50 percent. Thus, even workpieces with recesses or made of porous materials should pose no difficulty. While the width is set, the customer can specify the length individually in 18-millimeter increments. The minimum is 316 millimeters for the FMP-60 variant and 388 millimeters for the version with integrated vacuum generator; the maximum is 1972 millimeters.